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Cindy is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 2.


 An aerobics instructor with a studio in the business district of New York.
Now she's touting her dances to get customers!?


Cindy is a large pink pig with green eyes and short blonde hair. She wears blue sweatpants with a pink cropped tank top and a white wristband on her right arm. On her left arm she has a red heart tattoo.

In her 2P she's given tanned skin, lighter blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her top is white and her sweatpants are light pink.

Cindy has several other palettes as well, exclusive to her debut. Her 3P gave her a pale skin tone, light blonde hair, and navy blue pants with a matching top.

In her 4P her hair was changed to orange and her skin to pink again, and she wore a white top with black pants.

Cindy's 5P shifted her skin tone to brown and her hair to dark blonde, as well as giving her brown eyes. Her top was peach colored and her bottoms were blue.

Her 6P palette gave her white hair, teal eyes, and her original skin tone. Her tank top and pants were colored orange.

Lastly, her 7P color changed her eyes to blue and her hair to blonde once more, and her shirt was white with light blue pants.

NET Self

Attack Oh, that's it ♪ (あ、それ A, sore?)
Damage (pig squeal) (ブヒッ! Buhii!?)
GOOD Play Fuuun (た~のしぃ Taanoshii?)
BAD Play Uh oh! (おっと! A jaa!?)
WIN Great ♪ (ランラン♪ Ranran ♪?)
LOSE I'm speechless (ぎゃふん Gyafun?)


  • Cindy shares her birthdate with Nawomi.
  • Though Cindy has a tattoo on her sprite, it's absent in her artwork on both the Pop'n Music 2 CS site and her in-game artwork.
    • However, the tattoo is shown in her Character Illustration Book artwork.