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Ciel is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Two good friends that live in the clouds, riding leisurely in the wind.
They've traveled together for a long time, though every once in a while, they'll get into arguments.

Ciel is a girl who lives in the clouds and is good friends with a fairy named Teru Teru-kun.


Ciel appears to have rainbow-colored hair, with her hair in a small, braided ponytail. Her head is attached to a cloud, as it fits her theme. She sports a cyan, knee-length dress with a sun and a cloud on the bottom. Ciel dons a pair of plain white boots, and her fairy Teru Teru is flying right next to her.

In her 2P color palette, Ciel has purple eyes and cyan colored hair that reaches to purple on the tip of her ponytail. She has a midnight blue dress with a matching cloud as her hat, while a pocket full of stars are decorated on her dress.

NET Self[]

Attack Yah! (えーいっ! Eeii!?)
Damage Yada (やーだっ Yaadaa?)
GOOD Play (giggles) (うふふ Ufufu?)
BAD Play I've failed... (しっぱい… Shippai...?)
WIN It feels good (きもちいいね Kimochi ii ne?)
LOSE Aww... (あーあ… Aaa...?)


Ciel's name translates to "sky" in French.


  • Ciel shares her birthdate with Roly-Pony.
  • Raibu and Fuwawa make cameos in Ciel's FEVER animation.
  • Ciel's 2P color palette symbolizes nighttime. You can see that the sun disappears and a horde of diminutive stars appear around her dress. Her original color palette represents the daytime.
  • Ciel is one of the few characters to have shading.