Chiyoko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.


A singer who sings poetry about the sky, sea, and the people hidden on the island.
It's a shame that nobody hears it.

Chiyoko, is a Japanese girl who lives on the Okinawa coast. She has a hobby for music.


Chiyoko has tan skin and black hair covered by a blue head wrap. The rest of her hair is pinned above the wrap with an ornament. She wears an ankle-length red robe with light blue trim, as well as a light blue belt around her waist and no shoes. Her dark blue haori is long and covers her hands. Her WIN animation shows that Chiyoko carries a red flower ornament on her pin.

In her 2P color palette, Chiyoko's skin darkens, and her hair transforms into a cream blonde color. Her entire robe is colored blue with red highlights, and her entire clothing is colored purple.

NET Self

Attack Take care of yourself (気をつけて Ki wo tsukete?)
Damage Ahh! (きゃっ Kyaa?)
GOOD Play Lulala~♪ (るらら~♪ Rurara~♪?)
BAD Play ...
WIN I'm happy (うれしい Ureshii?)
LOSE ...


  • Chiyoko, like many female Pop'n characters, is commonly mistaken for a male.
  • Chiyoko's birthday is identical to Timer's, Yululu's, and Leon's.
  • Like Mary, Chiyoko listed spiders as her dislike.
  • Mayumi makes a cameo appearance in Chiyoko's FEVER WIN animation





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