Cherumin is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.


目をあけたら いますぐここにきて だっこして
  夜にうかんで はなさないよ~っていって?
When my eyes are opened, come here and hold me right now
  In the evening, won't you e~ver let me go?

Very little is known about Cherumin, but she is known to have an addiction to sweets and likes sweet-tasting medicine. She's actually lovable and kind and always tries her best to understand how everyone is getting on, but seems to feel emotionless despite that; which is why she hates wearing short-sleeved clothing and looking at poor beggars.

She also keeps a diary that she would write her secrets inside of and decorates it with angel-themed products. She's accompanied by a shadowy figure that would carry her in some of her animations.

Character Information

Loving in love, dreams · Sickly cute girls Character route! Aiming...!!

The staff members put out various ideas, and it was Cherumin☆

The name is also pretty and dreamy that's tied up with magical feelings...!

In this idea issue of this character, it was an opportunity to know about "Sickly cute" and get new stimulus.

Girls have a lot hard work...! There are so, so many...! Cherumin's 1P has a dreamy color like foreign sweets while her 2P has a perfect theme for Halloween with dark ​​mint colors.

Coupled with marble collar somehow, want to eat ice cream very intensely,

A dreamy feeling... There's such a time...☆ Even such a time....!

It would be great if you'll enjoy playing with Cherumin...!



Cherumin is a mopey-faced, pale-skinned young girl with dull, velvet purple eyes, and pink hair with white streaks, tied into a pair of odangos with a wing attached. Her clothing is a baby blue, one-piece school uniform with a white collar; assembled as a pair of teal wings on her back, a light yellow bow tie, matching short boots, and light pale lavender tights. Her trademark signature look is a bandage wrapped on her right leg, and also on her left eye secured with a grey patch.

Her 2P re-color is a shady and dark version of her original colors: she has black hair with violet streaks, periwinkle eyes, neon violet uniform and boots, lavender wings, and mint green tights.

NET Self

Attack I hate it! (嫌いだもん! Kiraida mon!?)
Damage (?)
GOOD Play (?)
BAD Play (?)
WIN Hold me (だっこしてね Dakko shite ne?)
LOSE I'm going home~ (もうかえる~ Mō kaeru~?)






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