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Chara-O is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.

Personality[edit | edit source]


"I'll become the Chara King of Roppongiii!!"

The guy's shout echos in the station's first train.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chara-O is a member of the chara phenomenon in Japan, having large bleached hair with dark roots, salon-tanned skin, a modern-era smartphone obsession and various accessories. He has yellow eyes, a black open shirt, white pants, purple boxers and black boots.

NET Self[edit | edit source]

Attack Chararai ♪ (チャラライ♪ Chararai ♪?)
Damage Reaaaally? (マジでぇぇ? Maji deeee??)
GOOD Play Charaan (チャラ~ン Charaan?)
BAD Play Oh shit (ちっくしょ~ Chikku shou?)
WIN Insane! (ハンパねぇ~ Han paneee?)
LOSE Continue (コンテニュ~ Kontenyuu?)

Other Character Comments[edit | edit source]

Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest[edit | edit source]

Phase 4, blue quest "I'll Become The Chara King!"
Quest start

All this crazy talk is 'cause
I'm now looking for best-of-Chara songs~
Huh? You really wanna look together?
Regards, churiisu ★

At the end of quest

Look, look, LOOK!
SOOOOO cool Pop'n!!
Thank you, churiisu ★

Pop'n Music Sunny Park Change Card[edit | edit source]

Chararaan ♪ Selfies in the Roppongi jungle!
My DNA'll evolve in the insane summers

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Chara-O's name is derived from the combination of "chara" and "otoko," creating charao. There is an additional pun; the "o" in charao sounds like "王," or "king."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chara-O shares his birthday with Cosine and Wilhelm.
    • Chara-O's birthdate is derived from JOY's, a Japanese fashion model.
  • According to Chihi, Ash was initially going to be the character for Chara-O's song. This was mainly because of the "wolf-like howl" sound throughout the song.
  • Chara-O represents the typical charao. Apart from his appearance, charao also hang out at train stations to pick up women (called nanpa) and are generally very talkative and frivolous.
    • Chara-O is additionally inspired by the popular charao entertainer Kei, who is also the origin for the phrase churiisu.
  • Romio and Chara-O are often put together in cards.

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