The Viva! Pop'n Party♪ (あつまれ!ポップンパーティー♪ Atsumare! Pop'n Party♪?) event is pop'n music 16 PARTY♪'s main unlocking event.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

You can see the envelope icon on the upper left of Pop'n Music 16's title screen. If this is out, then the event starts. However, you must have an e-Amuesement pass to participate this event.

Once you completed these two procedures, the game brings you the Atsumare! Pop'n Party♪ event. You will be instructed to help Mimi and Nyami to start some kind of party.

There are 25 character cards, divided into five groups with the button colors of white, green, and red. Choose one of the five groups to start sending the invitations to the five characters. Once you do that, one of the five characters will pop up as your guest, before playing their song. If you pass the song, guests invited to the party will increase.

The funniest thing written in the information page is that you do not say "What? I don't care about the presents..."[1]

List of Presents[edit | edit source]

Genre Song Present
Merican Rock ?? Star Trophy
Bamboo6Icon a.png Hey☆
The King 16 Icon.png Hello☆


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