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Several samples can be heard.

Song Comments

pop'n stage

"A funny and entertaining scat song. Let's have fun, my friends!"

pop'n music

"That popular pop'n stage song appears in pop'n!"

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A long version of cat's Scat can be found on Q-Mex's THE Q-Mex Collection 〜pop'n music & KEYBOARDMANIA〜 『AROUND THE WORLD』 album and the pop'n music ☆ Inst Best album.


  • cat's Scat is Yuki Kume's only contribution to pop'n stage.
  • The EX chart of the URA version has highlight zones while ditching the background.




スキャット 「cat's Scat」-0

スキャット 「cat's Scat」-0

SCAT 「cat's Scat LONG」

SCAT 「cat's Scat LONG」

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