Sweet lover... yeah, yeah, yay
Lalala forever

Love Song♡

Everyday Everywhere
Everyday Everytime

Everyday Everywhere
Make sure of LOVE again
Everyday Everytime


Sweet lover... yeah, yeah, yay
Lalala forever

Kitto mousugu hora
Miete nakatta mon ni deaeru hazu
Love Song♡
Kitto ima karasou
Anata dake ni omoi wo koe ni shite

Everyday Everywhere
kokoro ni niji wo kakete
Nanairo no MELODY
dokomo demo sora takaku
Everyday Everytime
kokoro ni hibika sete
Yasashii Harmony
itsumade mo ai wo komete

Everyday Everywhere
Make sure of LOVE again
Sono tabi kimochi tsutaete kono uta de
Everyday Everytime
anata he todokeru yo
Koi suru RHYTHM
itsumade mo nari tsuzukete

English Translation

Sweet lover... yeah, yeah, yay
Lalala forever

I'm sure you know soon
That things like I've only imagined before will come to me.
Love Song♡
Marks the beginning because now
You're the only one to desire to voice.

Everyday Everywhere
Over the rainbow in my heart
Rainbow Melody
Everywhere high in the sky
Everyday Everytime
It sounded in my heart
A friendly harmony
Forever with love

Everyday Everywhere
Make sure of LOVE again
In this song I convey my feelings every time
Everyday Everytime
I deliver to you
The Rhythm will
make you love me forever

Song Connections/Remixes

  • CANDY♥ is a vocal remix of the song CANDY★ from DDRMAX: DanceDanceRevolution 6thMIX.
  • A long version of CANDY♥ can be found on Riyu Kosaka's album begin.
  • A remix of CANDY♥, titled CANDY (☆little a live style☆), can be found on V-RARE SOUNDTRACK vol.4: pop'n music Best Hits!.
  • An English cover of CANDY♥ by NAOKI presents WORLD WIDE STYLE, titled CANDY (UFO mix), is available on the KONAMI♪MUSICフル service. This version features vocals by Alison Wade.
    • A short version of CANDY (UFO mix) can be found in DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY. The artist was changed to The Sweetest.


  • CANDY♥ is the first song crossovered from the DanceDanceRevolution series into pop'n music.
  • Along with the other BEMANI songs crossovered to pop'n music 8, CANDY♥ shows ♪♪♪♪♪ as the artist. This has never changed.
  • CANDY♥ is one of the BeForU songs revived in pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET from their previous removal in pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE, along with GRADUATION ~それぞれの明日~, ☆shining☆ and BRE∀K DOWN!.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2's My Room, CANDY♥ is stored as CANDY (EXTREME).
  • In DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition, CANDY♥'s title was changed to Candy Heart (vocal version) and is credited to Luv unlimited.
  • CANDY♥ is one of the unlockable revivals in DanceDanceRevolution X2. It can be unlocked by reaching ENJOY LEVEL 38.
  • CANDY♥'s background animations in DanceDanceRevolution feature JOHNNY and his girlfriend LORRAINE.
  • CANDY♥ was supposed to appear on the cancelled game Karaoke Revolution BEMANI Series Selection.

Music Comment

DanceDanceRevolution's popular song appears in pop'n!!

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle PSP-Exclusive
5 N H EX N H 5H 7 7H
Notecounts 223 386 666 930 324 580 ? ? ?
Pop'n Music 8 10 23 32 - 16 29
Pop'n Music 9 ↓8 23 32 - 16 29 - - -
Pop'n Music 10→PARTY♪ 8 23 ↓31 - 16 29
TUNE STREET 8 23 31 37 16 29
fantasia 8 23 31 ↑38 16 29 - - -
Sunny Park→Present ※5 23 37 44 16 29 - - -
Pop'n Music 8 CS 8 23 32 - 16 29 - - -
portable 2 DLC 8 23 31 37 - - 13 20 26

※ The notecount of this chart is different from the old 5-Buttons chart (total notes: 177).

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