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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music character, Boy. Please see the disambiguation.

Boy is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music.


His 3D glasses are a big favorite of his,
they make everything look red and blue. It seems that even yellow bananas look red to him.

Boy is a wealthy British video game guru and businessman who owns many arcades and makes and develops his own video games. On the Vocal Best cover, he is seen driving a car with Sugi-kun and Reo-kun in the passenger seats, and teasing women. In Pop'n Music 3, he finally got a girlfriend but it's never stated who she is.



Boy is a pudgy man with a blond bowl cut parted in the front, an upturned nose and wearing a pair of white 3D glasses, obscuring most of his face. He dons a simple red suit with a yellow collar and brown clogs.

His 2P palette gives him orange hair, paler skin, and his suit is now light gray. His shoes are black and his collar is orange. His 2P is used in Pop'n Music 2 CS for Funny.

Boy's 3P color keeps his orange hair from his 2P, but his suit is now all black and has a white collar and his shoes are brown once more. This palette is used again for Dreamy in Pop'n Music 3 CS.

Boy's 4P changes his hair to light blue, and his suit is all orange with a white collar and red shoes. It's used in Pop'n Music 5 CS for News.

Pop Beats

Boy's attire remains identical to his debut, although his hair is now orange. He has an orange suit with a white collar and worn with purple shoes. He keeps his 3D glasses as well.

In his 2P coloring, his suit becomes green with black shoes, and his hair is lime colored.

Techno'80 Remix

Boy appears with blond hair once more, drawn in a rocker style. He sports a purple and white plaid suit with a navy blue collar and black shoes, along with several different pop outfits.

In Boy's 2P palette he regains orange hair, and his suit is deep magenta with white shoes and a yellow collar.

NET Self

Attack Bleep bleep~ (ピコピコ~ Pikopiko ~?)
Damage Speechless! (ギャフン! Gyafun!?)
GOOD Play High spirits! (ノリノリ! Norinori!?)
BAD Play Huh? (あれれ? Arere??)
WIN Hehee~ (フフ~ン Fufu ~ n?)
LOSE Oh no (がくーん Gaku ̄ n ?)

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 1&2 AC Site

His 3D glasses are a big favorite of his!!
Everything he sees is red and blue! Even that yellow banana looks red!

Pop'n Music 2 CS

He was the winner of the summer vacation gaming tournament! He was very popular with the girls at art school after that.
But someone who lost in the first round is plotting revenge!?

Pop'n Music 3 CS

This winter, he's taking a family trip to Switzerland. "Christmas is better when it's quiet."

Pop'n Music 5 CS

He has recently become addicted to online games.
I heard he plays all day long.
But it's important that he attends the Pop'n Party!

Pop'n Music 6

24V駆動(単三電池20本分) でどんなゲームも動く最強マシンだ。
He was invited to Piko Pako Sound, an advanced arcade everyone has been talking about.
Recently he's boasting about his own Hyper-Handy-Game Machine, called the "Ultra Boy Advance"
With a 24V Drive (for 20 AA batteries), it's the strongest machine that can run any game.

Pop'n Music Best Hits!

A British-born genius gamer. Lately, he seems crazy about the power-ups in his home-made game machine
His self-proclaimed rival Sylvie seems to have challenged him to a match.

Pop'n Music GB

Boy is popular with the girls at art school, because he's really good at games!

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode


この前beatmania IIDXを 
Last time, while I was playing Beatmania IIDX, I saw three girls running around.
Huh, they looked like they were jumping out.
Is it because of my glasses?

Conversation only

Wow! You're not too bad!
Which game do you want to challenge me to next?


  • Boy's birthdate is identical to Romio's.
    • Boy's birthdate coincides with the release date of the original Game Boy.
  • In the CS version of Pop'n Music 6, Boy's character portrait for Pop Beats is modified, due to his handheld resembling a Game Boy Advance.
  • In the Pop'n Music AC&CS 1~5 Character Illustration book, Boy's 2P coloring is erroneously listed as his 1P.
  • His debut appearance looks like a Family Computer or Game & Watch, and his 2P looks like an original Game Boy.
    • Boy's palette in Best Hits! may have been based on the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • Boy is one of the few characters besides MZD to appear as the rival character for a remixed song.
  • The designer team calls Boy the "techno leader."
    • Boy is one of Aoi Tagami and Rin Hayashi's favorite characters.
    • In the staff comments for Pop Beats, it states that Boy's popularity among the staff got him in an AC release.
  • Sylvie makes a cameo in Boy's FEVER! Win animation for Pop Beats.
  • In a Pop'n Music poster, he is playing games with Tsukuba and accompanied by Sylvie.