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Bounty are characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.


 A duo that continues to run the top of the Japanese rock scene.
The combination of their hot shouts and guitar is updating the consecutive first place rankings! Hi!


Bounty is a two person group consisting of a fox and a dog. The fox appears tall, with purple eyes, large ears, and a light brown tuft of hair. He wears a simple white tank top with blue jeans and a white belt and shoes. On the upper part of both his arms are black lowercase P tattoos, and he holds a microphone stand. The dog is shorter and brown, with shoulder-length brown hair and with sunglasses. He wears a black vest with black boots, wristbands, jeans, and a black hat with a white designed band on it. The tattoos on the upper part of his arms are both a lowercase Z. Lastly, he has a white necklace and carries a red guitar.

In their 2P, the fox is light brown with blue eyes and hot pink hair. His shirt is white and his pants are violet colored, while his shoes and belt remain white. The dog gains a dark gray-blue hue, and his hair is cerulean. His sunglasses are teal and his vest is white, though his pants, hat, and wristbands remain black. Lastly his belt is purple, and his guitar is now lime green,

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music Sunny Park:
The familiar hot duo.
Naturally, their new single also ranked first in the consecutively updated records.

NET Self

Attack FIRE!
Damage Ouch ouch (ツライつらい Tsurai tsurai?)
GOOD Play Yes! (イエス! Iesu!?)
BAD Play No! No! (ノー!ノー! Nou! Nou!?)
WIN Thank you! (サンキュー! Sankyuu!?)


Bounty are a reference to the best-selling Japanese rock duo B'z.


  • Bounty's birthdate is identical to Minit's
    • Bounty's birthdate makes a reference to the Japanese rock duo B'z, with "32" resembling "Bz".
  • Although Bounty consists of two members, their individual names are unknown.
  • Justice★ is mentioned in Bounty's Lose animation.




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