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Bomber is one of the characters from Pop'n Stage.


I'm a stay at home dad, sometimes I go out traveling alone on my motorcycle.
But, I never forget to carry a photo of my family.

Despite his rough appearance, Bomber is described to be a caring stay at home dad who loves his family. In Pop'n Stage, he was the main character for the course stages.


Bomber is a large, reddish-pink colored pig with short, bright blond hair. His eyes are hidden behind a large pair a red tinted sunglasses with black frames. He wears black tattered shorts with blue suspenders hanging down, brown boots, two silver dog tags, and a spiked wristband on his left wrist. He has several tattoos and piercing, and is missing a tooth.

In his 2P palette his skin is colored a dull gray-brown color, and his hair is light blue. His shorts and wristband are bright red, and his shoes become dark brown with matching suspenders.


  • Bomber has never made an appearance in the main series, despite being a main character in Pop'n Stage.
    • Bomber is also one of two Pop'n Stage characters to have never appeared in either the AC or CS games, along with Margaret.
  • Bomber is one of the few characters with no theme song, since I'm on fire is originally Dami-Yan's song.
  • Bomber is a recolor of Fat Boy, though he still has is own unique color palettes.




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