• Flare108

    How do you do?

    September 23, 2019 by Flare108

    Hello everyone.

    I'm Japanese.

    I am very glad to know that Pop'n Music is loved by foreigners.

    I think I can add what I can check japan, so I will cooperate as much as possible.

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  • Komaju


    August 2, 2019 by Komaju

    if anyone changes tiku takus gender back to male i will go feral.

    striped apple rights, baby

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  • Bishidayo

    I was just lurking around today and i stumbled upon the Wikipedia page for Pop'n Music. I then see this:

    And i searched this up to see if it was real, and this is what I found.!_%E3%83%9D%E3%83%83%E3%83%97%E3%83%B3%E3%83%9E%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AC-

    Apparently there was an actual, official Pop'n Music 4koma made by Konami. All i know about it currently is that it was never posted online, (to my knowledge) and it was only distributed via an old Konami paid mobile service app called KonamiNet DX. The service was discontinued in 2016.

    I had no idea if theres any way to retrieve t…

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  • SpiderEngine

    whill i was gone this site has totally gotten a bit lazy..!

    but well i know thats just cuz the update is so fast rn u can hardly catch up so :?

    all i can say is u can do it guyz!! keep working on the wiki and cherish this game!

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  • Komaju

    well ok

    May 21, 2019 by Komaju

    for the love of god please help me

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  • CinamarollFan223
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  • Bishidayo

    New member here

    April 29, 2019 by Bishidayo

    Hello there! I'm Bishidayo, but you can just call me bish.

    This is my first time contributing to a wikia and i would like to help out in any way that I can. I just got into Pop'n Music a few weeks ago and i've pretty much got an addiction to it now lol I have tried Pop'n's 1,2,6, and 10 so far. My favourite characters so far are Yuli, Smile, Judy, Minits, Timer, and of course, Mimi and Nyami. (very basic characters i know, pls bear with me im a noob T^T) What sort of things need help getting done around here? I would love to help. (and learn a few things along the way, of course) Thanks!

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  • ReianaSmiley

    Page Removed

    April 28, 2019 by ReianaSmiley

    The page that was renamed to Blog:Aono Miki needs to be fixed and renamed to Nyami. Whoever wants to move the page has to do so.

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  • CinamarollFan223

    here are the quotes




    ピーチでアイドルとかいう、割とハズカシめでキャ♪な単語の羅列からなる曲名ですが、曲はそれなりに恥ずかしくなくって、正直安心したりしなかったり。 次はもっと、こう(略)*tera



    beach アイドルだとしばらく思ってました。このノリの良さとはじけ具合はアイドルならではですね!私もお魚親衛隊と一緒にナ・ギ・サのハイカラ人魚にトキメキたい☆*shio


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  • CinamarollFan223

    This website

    claims to found a character comment for Kirara by wac

    1. Is it real?
    2. Can anyone translate it?

    This is the comment I found


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  • Kechadon 2000

    I'm thinking of uploading some to this wiki, but I'm not sure if they should be at a certain size or anything. A lot of animations here are either missing, or of poor quality.

    Same goes with character renders. Any size limits for those?

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  • CinamarollFan223


    December 9, 2018 by CinamarollFan223キララ%28ポップン%29#h3_1

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  • CinamarollFan223

    Idk a title

    December 8, 2018 by CinamarollFan223

    Can anyone make kirara and kurumi default dance please?

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  • CinamarollFan223

    Is this real

    November 22, 2018 by CinamarollFan223

    Found this in a fan pnm anime opening vid is it real

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  • CinamarollFan223

    She was birn in a royal family, however her mother and father got lost. All she had were her fish guards. She was introverted as a child so she never had friends. When she got older, she started singing and had lots of friends. She became a mermaid idol. She was looking on the land and saw a prince she liked. So she got legs. She knew some rules in the kingdom. Sadly, she turned to bubbles before she can even have a dance with the prince. She was revived however because of MZD, and they lived hApPiLy EvEr AfTeR REEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Lyra was a rabbit who loved to dance. She traveled across her country dancing for the people of her villiage. She was sent back to her hometown in search of moon stones, which were stones more powerful than lapises. T…

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  • CinamarollFan223

    PNM Meme

    November 21, 2018 by CinamarollFan223

    I added a shutterstock one because most dank memes use shutterstock not because theyre cringy but because its funny

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  • Komaju

    Temporary Absence

    November 20, 2018 by Komaju

    Aight so my laptop hit the shitter (which means I cant make edits. and my popn things i Had saved to put on the wiki are Fuckin Dead till i can refind them) so hopefully i can get a new one soon. then i can do more work here (ive been stuck on mobile bc of school rip)

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  • CinamarollFan223

    Ok, y'all might be asking, "Who's Kirara?" Kirara is a mermaid who's first appearance was in pop'n music 9. She had 3 songs but 2 of them were deleted(peach idol and romantic arguey yo from dragon ball) She was only left with Mermaid girl from Beatmania in Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia. 2 of her ssongs given to her were about romance,while Mermaid Girl was inspired by the little mermaid. She was the first mermaid in pop'n music history, the second being Mana.

    The first reason Kirara should get a song is because it's kinda unfair that she was only left with 1 song. I was thinking maybe an origional song or a vocaloid song (Kimi no Taion). The second reason is because although she is well known she is also underrated. Giving her a song will give he…

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  • ChaoWarrior

    DancerZone has uploaded the contents of the character illustration DVD on their Youtube Channel ! This will be very useful for filling in missing information on the character pages on this wiki! I have made a database of the videos on my Tumblr as well!

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  • MistressOrihime

    Hello, Pop’n Fans! I am a new member in this group but I have something to announce. I recently made an amino for Pop’n Music but it hasn’t been listed yet until I have another leader or curator alongside me. I would really appreciate it if someone wants to become a leader or a curator for the amino. If you are an amino user, then you should be familiar to how stuff works on the communities but if you’re new or never heard of amino, it’s basically an app where you join many communities of whatever you want. :) The app is available on iOS and Android, so if you’re interested in joining my Pop’n Music amino which is called, The Pop’n World, comment down below or send me a note and I’ll send you an invite! Being member would be highly appr…

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  • TherealMinecraftkid2349

    When I looked at the character's gallery some of their animations are missing like they were deleted or something. Is anyone here trying to recover them?

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  • MistressOrihime

    Hello I am new here to this whole wiki thing so it’s a pleasure to meet all of you. 😊 I found out about Pop’n Music by Dance Dance Revolution of course but I never played a Pop’n game even though I want to, it looks really fun and I adore the art style. It’s so cute. Honestly, Konami should bring Pop’n Music to the US and other countries not just Japan. I know they did with that one wii version but that flopped, so I believe that Pop’n Music deserves a proper release worldwide. A Pop’n game for PS4 and Xbox One would be nice, I imagine it to have gameplay similar to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva which would be fitting and background music videos of the Pop’n characters too, that’d be so freaking nice. 😊 I also think that it’d be interesting t…

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  • Cherryblossomfan1234

    my deviant art is

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  • Cherryblossomfan1234

    P.S : I used this Wiki in my Android Phone.

    I went to and but they all redirected to this Wiki.

    I also want to add Yuli's sprites that are not in here but both sites are redirected to this Wiki even though they show in Google.

    If anyone know why, please comment thanks.

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  • Gj340wikia5000

    i had to make this post at some point. anyway, here are some songs that need pages.

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  • Komaju


    June 11, 2018 by Komaju

    me: oh yeah time to add a song page

    me: - doesnt realize that theres a song template and does it by hand Mostly-

    me: oh

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  • Komaju


    May 25, 2018 by Komaju

    I've got a few portraits added, someone remind me to add them. Also! if theres anyone who does not have a portrait, and youd like one, please ask me! they won't be proper vectors but ill try and find a clean and not jpeggy one and make it transparent~

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  • WaddyaKnowHaddiMiku15

    I hi you guys freaking internet please read the channel description!

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  • KimKat23

    Well, i have been thinking to do a NET self if i was a Pop'n Music, and i have been wondering if i should do one:

    Here you go!!

    Attack:   Here i come! (俺様の登場だ!Oresama no tojoda)

    Damage:   It hurts me! (それは私を傷つける sore wa watashi o kizutsukeru
    GOOD play Do you want it? (あれを欲しいですか? are o hoshidesu ka?
    BAD play How did i? (私はどうでしたか? watashi wa dodeshita ka?)
    WIN Potokun!!!! (ポトくん!!!! Potokun!!!)
    LOSE (cries) 

    Well, I'm not good at ding these tables, but i think i would use it as commentary!

    All of these comes from my personality, and some of these might share with the others, as i share Poto's personality :) 

    Thank you for seeing it!  Read more >
  • Gj340wikia5000

    today is almost over, and i want a page for the following song before it's too late!

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  • Gj340wikia5000

    it's my favorite one out of all of them, and i think it really needs a page, so here are the videos:

    edit: if you don't accept this request, i'm gonna ask someone else to do it!

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  • Gj340wikia5000

    i have updated this blog post to include more characters that need pages, so here they are:

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  • Gj340wikia5000

    i do have their 2P animations, which i also posted on my tumblr account.

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  • KimKat23

    Hello! I'm back to do more romanji lyrics, and this time, i have done the romanji lyrics for a Pop'n Music 9 CS song named 'Bitter Sweets'. The character in this song is Alice, my favorite female character!


    1-Tsubude yokatta kyandī

    mō hitotsu hoshiku natta

    hitorijime shiyou to shitara

    soko kara sekai wa kawatta 

    sashidashita te wa  yokubari ni somatta

    yakusoku wa okizari ni boku wa otona ni natta

    nisemono ni akogarete kikazatte mita nda

    mujaki-sa wa junbi sa re tete

    kanashi-gena koe mo

    fushizen ni warau kao mo 

    subete ga honmono no

    ※ boku janai n datte kidzukenai mama de

    koi o shita

    utsukushī kotoba dake atsume 

    uragiri to zuru dake oboeta koidatta


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  • KimKat23

    So i tried today to do a romanji translation of my absolute favorite song '25ji no itazura' or 25時ノ悪戯. This song appears in Pop'n Music 9 CS, if you aren't familiar with it. This song is also the theme song of my all time favorite character Poto! I don't know if these romanji lyrics are correct, but if they aren't, help me with it!

    Romanji Lyrics:

    Nanzen'nen mo mae no hanashi

    hitori no itazura majo

    torori sūpu ni furikaketa koi no biyaku

    kaze o watatte sono amai kaori

    sekaijū no mune o kuruwaseta

    amai kaze ni wa goyōshin

    kiken'na koi no hana sakaserukara

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  • Darwin Mermaid

    Plz. Keep in mind that this list is entirely subjective.

    Rinka = Anna in Frozen

    Hiumi = Elsa in Frozen

    Miyu = Aurora in Sleeping beauty

    Navi = Ariel in the Little Mermaid

    Aiko = Belle in Beauty and the Beast

    Arisa = Cinderella

    Lhasa = Jasmine in Aladdin

    Minit’s = Winnie the Pooh

    Timer = Christopher Robin 

    MZD and Hatena: Aladdin and Genie

    Ragora = Ursula in Little Mermaid

    Kojirou = Scuttle in Little Mermaid

    Flora = Snow White

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  • SpiderEngine

    M8s!! Im not a newb anymoar!!

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  • SpiderEngine

    so i was wondering about this staff comment for MEGANE ROCK. if u dont know what that is idk what i can say well the thing is that the comment was all out of topic talking about NAKAJI and the anagram behind KONAMI and NAOKI M bluh bluh instead of the song itself i mean what the heck

    And this brings up the theory that anagram has smth to do with nakajis real identity and whelp guess what ?? ? 

    nakaji is wakita!! my theory is waaay too perfect to b debunkd so handz down!!

    jk but wac does look like nakaji and theyre both edgy as shittus so who knows

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  • SpiderEngine

    Giant update today. go go go!!

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  • EclipseQueen

    It's not a joke anymore

    This site's been up for awhile, but I'm pretty sure they took some of our content as files and such. I'm almost positive those are the files I made for Nox and Matin's pages.

    I don't know what we can do about it, but it's there and I think people should know. It's actually a bit of a thing to find the site. Not deep web level but a simple Google search won't bring them up.

    Teeeny Update: So it turns out they made the Wiki as a joke, but I still find it odd that they're using our files and keep adding content.

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  • 03mrx

    This maybe copy-pasted from my own profile page but i'm trying to compile this as orderly as possible. I can't make tables though.



    Pop'n music 1 (Japan - Asia)

    RIE♥chan - CARRIE






    SANAE♥chan - JACQUI

    Pop'n music 2 (Japan - Asia)

    Sugi*kun - Simon

    SANAE♥chan - JACQUI

    Yuli - Sasha

    S.8. TARO - TARO

    PRETTY - Patricia

    Dami-yan - Thrash

    RIE♥chan - CARRIE

    Hiroshi Jingu - Hiroshi

    Reo*kun - Leo


    Pop'n music 1 (Japan - Asia)

    J-TEKNO - J-TECHNO (personal note, how come this wasn't changed to "JAPANESE TECHNO"? huh?)

    Pop'n music 2 (Japan - Asia)





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  • 03mrx

    here it is

    August 20, 2016 by 03mrx

    Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Pop'n Music 2 Asian version.



    When pop'n music was still beginning in Japan, Konami released English versions for the Asian market as well.

    The first one was dumped in MAME and is easily accessible. But not the second one.

    So those of you who still don't believe there existed an english version of PM2, feast your eyes.



    So what was changed for the Asian version? First, the instructions are in English


    note the misspelling in 'judgenment'

    and... yeah. the entirety of the text in the game is in English. As with the Asian version of the first game, all the Japanese from the original version were either translated, romanized, or outright replaced. Sometimes the replacements were so outr…

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  • 03mrx

    surprise surprise!

    August 20, 2016 by 03mrx

    I finally found a working asian version of pop'n music 2

    more screencaps will follow, so please bear with me while i borrow a different wifi hotspot because my ip's gonna get banned again

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  • EclipseQueen

    Hey, yeah I'm still around looking at the pages and seeing what's being updated. My scanner is not cooperating and the less I say about my personal life the better but that's not why I'm writing this. 

    Okay, so there's this big issue with plagiarism and head cannons on this site apparently. Now let me address that the only thing that should be documented are what is officially put out by the developers. This includes all theories and assumptions as well, so even if something makes sense, if it's not confirmed by an official source, then don't place it on the page. 

    For example, and this is something I did and I'll admit to it, I put down that Yuli may be vain. Now from what we see from his animations and music comments, yeah he might be a li…

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  • Badeffect

    blog title

    June 14, 2016 by Badeffect

    I got the character illustration book for AC18-19, Wii, Hello Pop'n Music, Utacchi and PSP1/2, anything I should take pictures of?

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  • MuzcAT

    doesn't this wiki need the translation of the story from lapistoria/the script from the medal battles on eclale?

    i have the whole script, you know.. and i can translate the whole thing if this site needs it. should i?

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Attack Take this (それいけー Sore ikee?)
    Damage Waa! (うわっ! Uwaa!?)
    GOOD Play Alright! (よし!Yoshi!?)
    BAD Play It wasn't my fault (それは私のせいではなかったです Sore wa watashi no seide wa nakattadesu?)
    WIN Yay! (イエーイ! Ieei!?)
    LOSE I quit (私は辞めた Watashi wa yameta?) Read more >
  • MuzcAT

    am i the only one here who knows the obvious reason behind it?

    up until pop'n music sunny park, pop'n music was basically made for entertainment, and they were placed in amusement parks and arcades. the characters and the game itself were made for both kids and adults. however, pop'n music began to lose its fame. adults were no longer interested, and kids refused to play because the levels were too hard and complicated for them. i even heard that amusement parks started to get rid of them. however, pop'n music began to be an appeal to teenagers and young adults(yes, there are exceptions) who have not known the game before, and it gained fame through arcades rather than other places. because of this, bemani decided to change their route and …

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Her full information is this

    Fumi-Chan is on of the fanmade characters from Pop'n Music Éclale and a crossover character from Yo-Kai Watch.

    Birthplace Japan
    Birthday Unknown
    Gender Female
    Race Human
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Brown
    Hobby Unknown
    Relative(s) Amano Keita (brother) Jibanyan (cat) Whisper (ghost)
    Likes Unknown
    Dislikes Unknown
    First Appearance Pop'n Music éclale
    Other Appearance(s) None.

    ゲラゲラポーのうた [Geragerapo No Uta]

    祭り囃子でゲラゲラポー [Matsuribayashi De Geragerapo

    初恋峠でゲラゲラポー[Hatsukoitoge De Geragerapo]

    ようかい体操第一 [Yokai Taiso Dai Ichi]

    ようかい体操第二 [Yokai Taiso Dai Ni]

    人生ドラマティック [Jinsei Dramatic]

    ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー! [Dan Dan Dubi Zuba!]

    アイドルはウーニャニャの件 [Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken]

    ゲラッポ・ダンストレイン [Gerappo Dance Train]

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    This has nothing to do with Pop 'n Music, but who is the queen of fame?

    First up..... Taylor Swift and Marina Diamandis.

    Who is better? Lemme know in the comments.

    Voting ended at this point. The winner is... Taylor! Congrats Taylor! Marina, leave.

    Now, it's between... Sabrina Carpenter and Fergie. Who is better?

    Voting has ended. Sabrina is the winner! Fergie, please exit. I'm pretty sure that you've had the time of your li-i-ife.

    Now it's Rowan and Olivia! Who's better?

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