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Black is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


You ask for a revolution but this world knows no answer, you want truth.

Black is a young boy with a mysterious past, fighting for a revolution. He seems to be a friend of Weiss as well. In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, he wields a black, pear-shaped lapis. He is shown to be working together with him.

Character Information[]

See Black/Character Information.


Juvenile Rock[]

Black has orange eyes and short, bi-colored hair, with the right side being gray and the left white. He wears a dark gray uniform with black boots, white gloves, and a coat. The coat covers most of his uniform, and has white trim with white circle designs on the top part, while the bottom part is solid black. A white bandage also runs along his forehead, and he has orange earrings. He is often shown wielding two swords, seemingly made of some type of light. Both are light orange with a gray hilt.

His 2P colors give him a primarily blue color scheme, with the gray side of his hair becoming light blue, and his coat becoming a darker blue with black trim. His uniform is white, while his boots and gloves are both gray. The bandage on his head is navy blue, and his eyes, earrings, and swords all become a yellow green.

Black's special 3P palette inverts his hair and gives him deep red eyes. The left side of his hair is black, and the right side is white. His uniform, gloves, and boots all shift to black, and his coat is red. His earrings and swords are both light cyan. This palette is used in 紅蓮の弓矢, a TV/Anime song in Pop'n Music Lapistoria.


Black's appearance is similar to his debut. His hair is slightly longer, and his outfit is slightly modified, consisting of dark gray pants, black boots and white gloves. He now wears a black cape with a white design on the back and a collar.

His 2P palette colors the white side of his hair deep blue, and the other side yellow green, with his eyes becoming the same color. His outfit is now mostly white, with some black and blue parts.


Black has a change card in the Lapistoria card collection. He wears a dark gray cape with a hood, as well as a black tank top, black pants, a white belt, and a glove on his right hand. His arms, chest, cheek, and right eye are all covered in bandages, and he's shown wrapping another around his right wrist.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music Lapistoria:
My revolution hasn't ended yet.
A thread that leads to that memory, it must be always here...

NET Self[]

Attack Awakening...! (覚醒せよ…! Kakusei seyo…!?)
Damage I won't give up (諦めるものか Akirameru mono ka?)
GOOD Play Let's go together (一緒に行こう Issho ni ikou?)
BAD Play Gwaaah (ぐぅぅあぁッ Guuuaaa?)
WIN It's a revolution!!! (革命だ!!! Kakumei da!!!?)
LOSE Too late... (遅かったか… Osokatta ka…?)