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Birthdays are a feature first appearing in pop'n music. All playable characters are given birthdates, whilst playing as a one of them on their date results in a different background for played songs and a celebration image after finishing the round. Birthdays can also be celebrated up to a week past the original date.

In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, birthdays remain mostly the same, though playing as a character on their birthday also grants 5 points to their heart gauge.

With an e-AMUSEMENT account the celebration images can be viewed on the Sunny Park or Lapistoria e-AMUSEMENT Gates.

Birthday List[]

Birthday Character
January 1st Aloe Icon.png Aloe
El Soluna Icon.png El Soluna
Jadeite Icon.png Jadeite
Chira Icon.png Chira
To-No Icon.png To-No
Hitori Icon.png Hitori
Hoshi no Hito Icon.png Hoshi no Hito
Mikoko Icon.png Mikoko
January 2nd Todoroki Kisou Icon.png Todoroki Kisou
Todoroki Hashiru Icon.png Todoroki Hashiru
January 3rd Naruhiko Icon.png Naruhiko
Papyrus icon.png Papyrus
January 4th Echidna Icon.png Echidna
Root LT Icon.png Root@Chodooken
Roco Icon.png Roco
January 5th AkaneIcon.png Akane
January 6th Eclat icon.png Eclat
January 7th Wakaba Icon.png Wakaba
January 8th Carol Icon.png Carol
The King 16 Icon.png The King
January 9th YamabukiIcon a.png Yamabuki
January 10th Teng Teng Icon.png TengTeng
Ichi no Myou Icon.png Ichi No Myou
January 11th UnoIcon a.png Uno
Jin Icon.png Jin
January 12th Cherumin icon.png Cherumin
January 13th SumireLTIcon.png Sumire
Fernando XIII Icon.png FernandoXIII
Ark Icon.png Ark
January 14th Fever Senshi Icon.png Fever Senshi Pop'n 14
Rosemary 20 Icon.png Rosemary
January 15th Yayako Icon.png Yayako
Celica Icon.png Celica
January 16th PMX-9 Icon.png PMX-9
DateKyoyaIcon.png Date Kyouya
January 17th InariIcon a.png Inari
January 18th Kicoro Icon.png Kicoro
Rasis Icon.png Rasis
January 19th Giziri Icon.png Giziri
January 20th KiryuIcon.png Kiryu
January 21st Kanenobu Icon.png Kanenobu
January 22nd Karli 16 Icon.png Karli
NaN Icon.png NaN
January 23rd Izumi-san Icon.png Izumi-san
Bremens Icon.png Bremens
Kumai-san Icon.png Kumai-san
January 24th Mac Icon.png Mac
Mchaela Icon.png Micaela
January 25th Syo LT Icon.png Syo
Dr. JJ CamCan Icon.png CanCam
January 26th Ruu-san icon.png Ruu-san
January 27th Ten Ucho Icon.png Ten Ucho
Mutsuki 14 Icon.png Mutsuki
January 28th Bisko 14 Icon.png Bisko
January 29th MatsushitaIcon.png Matsushita
January 30th Unbabo1Icon.png Unbabo
January 31st Tanuchiyo Icon.png Tanuchiyo
February 1st Kagome icon.png Kagome
2stIcon a.png 2st
February 2nd NK2000 Icon.png NK2000
Purecul Lip Icon.png Purecul❤Lip
Bob2002 Icon.png BoB 2002
February 3rd PhantomIcon.png Phantom
February 4th Kasuga Sakiko Icon.png Kasuga Sakiko
Yodo-Dozen Icon.png Yodo=Dozen
Flamme Icon.png Flamme
Flora Icon.png Flora
Raizou Icon.png Raizou
February 5th Nikolaschka Icon.png Nikolaschka
February 6th M.c.H.T. Icon.png m.c.H.T
Flow Flow 21 Icon.png Flow Flow
Ratte 13 icon.png Ratte*
Lotte 13 Icon.png Lotte*
February 7th Nina 15 Icon.png Nina
Rosa Icon.png Rosa
February 8th Jennifer
Nyamichaaaan.png Nyami
February 9th DJ Tsuyoshi 18 Icon.png DJ Tsuyoshi
Chiking Icon.png Chiking
February 10th Zoozo Icon.png Zoozo
Fuki Icon.png Fuki
Ni no Maru Icon.png Ni No Maru
February 11th South Icon.png South
Sirius ec Icon.png Sirius
February 12th Lena icon.png Lena
Hiroshi Jingu Icon.png Hiroshi Jingu
February 13th Fuwawa Icon.png Fuwawa
Dosue icon.png Dosue
February 14th UsanukoIcon.png *Usanuko*
Rie SP Icon.png Rie♥chan
OneIcon a.png One
February 15th HiumiLTIcon.png Hiumi
Hatena icon.png ?
February 16th Miyabi-san Icon.png Miyabi-san
Estel Icon.png Estel
February 17th Zina Icon.png Zina
Hinomoto Reiko Icon.png Reiko Hinomoto
Poet SP Icon.png Poet
P-14 Icon.png P-14
February 18th Elena Icon.png Elena
Smile12Icon.png Smile
February 19th Cindy Icon.png Cindy
Nawomi Icon.png Nawomi
February 20th Mr. Fungano Icon.png Mr. Fungano
February 21st Tetra Icon.png Tetra
Yun Icon.png Yun
February 22nd D Icon.png D
Sonar Icon.png Sonar
Mugibatake.png Mugibatake
Nakajima-san Icon.png Nakajima-san
February 23rd Prince of Falena Icon.png Prince of Falena
Moffy Icon.png Moffy
Moffine Icon.png Moffine
February 24th Kaorin Icon.png Kaorin
February 25th Ollie Icon.png Ollie
February 26th Kika 19 Icon.png Kika
Suika Bros. Icon.png Suika Bros.
February 27th RanmaIcon.png Ranma
February 28th BEN-K Icon.png Ben-K
Odile Icon.png Odile
Star Nyan Icon.png Star★Nyan
Nero Icon.png Nero
R.Q Icon.png R.Q
February 29th Pierre-Jill 16 Icon.png Pierre & Jill
March 1st Silent Room Icon.png Silent Room
Dino 20 Icon.png Dino
Procyon Icon.png Procyon
March 2nd Bounty 20 Icon.pngBounty SP Icon.png Bounty
MinitsIcon Unknown.png Minit's
March 3rd San Icon.png San
Mimi pe Icon.png Mimi
Shiratori Himeko Icon.png Shiratori Himeko
Rin-Daiki-Hurry Icon.png Rin
March 4th Creamy Icon.png Creamy
March 5th Twin Bee Icon.png TwinBee
Micro Icon.png Micro
March 6th Pisce icon.png Pisce
March 7th Kelly Icon.png Kelly
March 8th WakaSanIcon a.png Waka-san
March 9th Miku Icon.png Miku
Robitz Icon.png Robitz
Uchida Chara-pop Icon 2.png Da
March 10th Shishamo Icon.png Shishamo
March 11th Sanday 10 Icon.png Sanday
Jaguar B Icon.png Jaguar·B
March 12th Mana Icon.png Mana
Sasuga Icon.png Sasuga Mogami
March 13th BambooQ Icon.png Bamboo?
Gelm 13 Icon.png Gelm13
Tent Kant Icon.png Tent·Kant
YuzuruIcon.png Yuzuru
March 14th Hina 20 Icon.png Hina
Mimi Nyami Seijin Icon.png mimi nyami sei-jin
MMG Icon.png M·M·G★
March 15th B. Bone Icon.png Mr. B. Bone
Berry Icon.png Berry
March 16th Rolly Icon.png Rolly
March 17th Copel Icon.png Copel
March 18th Cyber 7 Icon.png Cyber
March 19th Dan icon.png Dan
March 20th Grim Icon.png Grim
March 21st Kinoko Boy Icon.png Kinoko Boy
Kerimaro Icon.png Keri Maro
Sunny 18 Icon.png Sunny
Shamshir Icon.png Shamshir
March 22nd White-merry icon.png White-Merry
March 23rd Knit Icon.png Knit
March 24th Yoshio Popcone Icon.png Yoshio
Tamamo Ginmaru icon.png Tamamo Ginmaru
March 25th Chise Icon.png Chise
Sarah-Bred Icon.png Bred
March 26th Hot.D Icon.png Hot.D
Dr. JJ
March 27th Taiga Icon.png Taiga
March 28th Ninon Icon.png Ninon
Wu Sheng Icon.png Wu Sheng
March 29th Milk 12 Icon.png Milk
Chizuru Icon.png Chizuru
March 30th Lisa 16 Icon.png Lisa
March 31st Anna Icon.png Anna
Sugi-kun 5 Icon.png Sugi★kun
RinkaLTIcon.png Rinka
April 1st April Icon.png April
Saddle Shoes Icon.png Saddle Shoes
Hipopo-Tamayo 14 Icon.png Hipopo & Tamayo
Naoto Icon.png Naoto
April 2nd Shinobian Aka Icon.png Shinobian Aka
Tegamiko Icon.png Tegamiko
Kojirouicon.png Kojirou
April 3rd Lyra Icon.png Lyra
April 4th Alicia Icon.png Alicia
Quattro Icon.png Quattro
April 5th Makoto 18 Icon.png Makoto
April 6th A Milia Icon.png A Milia
Ted=Pete Icon.png Ted=Pete
Boxies Icon.png Boxies
April 7th Ichijo Icon.png Mr. Ichijo
Lill icon.png Lill
April 8th Erika Icon.png Erika
Karoline & Yangels Icon.png Karoline & Yangels
Keigo Icon.png Keigo★
Kanoko Icon.png Kanoko
April 9th Guwanzesama Icon.png Guwanzesama
Sylvester1Icon.png Sylvester
SigSig Icon.png SigSig
Smooooch Icon.png Smooooch
April 10th Ur Icon.png Ur
Oshare-Zukin 12 Icon.png Oshare-Zukin
Kate Icon.png Kate
IO-Lower Icon.png Lower
April 11th Kenji Icon.png Kenji
April 12th John A. Chopper Icon.png John A. Chopper
Hajime 16 Icon.png Hajime
Ikue Icon.png Ikue
April 13th EclipseIcon.png Eclipse
April 14th Sayuri Icon.png Sayuri
April 15th Wilhelm Icon.png Wilhelm
Cosine Icon.png Cosine
Chara-O Icon.png Chara-O
April 16th Force17Icon a.png Force
April 17th Mr. Aoki Icon.png Mr. Aoki
April 18th ElenoaIcon a.png Elenoa
Dia Icon.png Dia
April 19th AceIcon.png Ace
Mirai Yumeno Icon.png Mirai Yumeno
April 20th Mell 19 Icon.png Mell
April 21st Boy 6 Icon.png Boy
Romio 16 Icon.png Romio
April 22nd Upa Icon.png Upa
April 23rd Candy Icon.png Candy
Jean Icon.png Jean
Hana-chan Icon.png Hana-chan
Fatima Icon.png Fatima
Betty Icon.png Betty
April 24th Paul Icon.png Paul
April 25th Cock
April 26th Robin & Cock Icon.png Robin
Sail Icon.png Sail
April 27th Pino 13 Icon.png Pino
Higurashi Icon.png Higurashi
April 28th Agent icon.png Agent
Ema 11 Icon.png Ema
April 29th Cecil 12 Icon.png Cecil
Midori Icon.png Midori
April 30th Kuranosuke Icon.png Kuranosuke
May 1st May Icon.png May
Vela Icon.png Vela
May 2nd Elle Icon.png Elle
KoKo Icon.png KoKo
May 3rd Mamoru-kun Icon.png Mamoru-kun
MrsWilsonIcon.png Mrs. Wilson
May 4th Yimaicon.png Yima
Lica Icon.png Lica
Liddell 11 Icon.png Liddell
May 5th Ayame Icon.png Ayame
F-Train Icon.png F-Train
Yakko-chan Icon.png Yakkoθchan
Rin-Daiki-Hurry Chara-pop Icon 2.png Daiki
May 6th Raimu Icon.png Raimu
May 7th Goshichi Icon.png Goshichi
May 8th S8 Taro Icon.png S.8. Taro
May 9th Kokuu Icon.png Kokuu
May 10th Kajika Icon.png Kajika
May 11th Jouro-Hime Icon.png Jouro-Hime
May 12th Sao Paulo Youko Icon.png San Paulo Youko
PePe Icon.png PePe
May 13th Vantain Icon.png Vantain
May 14th Marge & Rita Icon.png Marge
Tanaka-san Icon.png Tanaka-san
May 15th Timer ec Icon.png Timer
Chiyoko Icon.png Chiyoko
Yululu Icon.png Yululu
Leon Icon.png Leon
May 16th Chocky Icon.png Chocky
May 17th Ayumu 21 Icon.png Ayumu
May 18th Flower Icon.png Flower
May 19th Ashley=Boa Icon.png Ashley=Boa
WeissIcon.png Weiβ
LazuliIcon.png Lazuli
May 20th Inuchiyo Icon.png Inuchiyo
Gita-Ken Icon.png Gita-Ken
May 21st Maruroo Icon.png Maruroo


May 22nd Murmur Twins Icon.png Murmur Twins
May 23rd Yuri-chan Icon.png Yuri*chan
May 24th Navi icon.png Navi-kun
May 25th Nyanga Icon.png Nyanga
PolePole Icon.png PolePole
May 26th Glen icon.png Glen
May 27th Iroha Icon.png Iroha
May 28th Suzuhime Icon.png Suzuhime
May 29th Vic Viper Icon.png Vic Viper
Lord British
Mary 16 Icon.png Mary
May 30th Suiri Icon.png Suiri
May 31st Jade Icon.png Jade
Peetan Icon.png Peetan
June 1st June Icon.png June
Jeff Icon.png Jeff
Mebae 12 Icon.png Mebae
June 2nd Sarah-Bred Chara-pop Icon 1.png Sarah
June 3rd Horn icon.png Horn
June 4th Justice Icon.png Justice★
Moni Moni Icon.png Moni Moni
June 5th Otoko Man 16 Icon.png Otoko Man
Fresh Man
June 6th Hannes Icon.png Hannes
Sattan Icon.png Sattan
GerhardIcon.png Gerhard
Telly 66 Icon.png Telly66
June 8th Monica Icon.png Monica
June 9th Castle Icon.png Castle
RokuLTIcon.png Roku
June 10th Toa Icon.png Toa
NiaLTIcon.png Nia
Ikkei Icon.png Ikkei
June 11th AnzuIcon.png Anzu
June 12th P-1 P-2 Icon.png P-1 & P-2
Jack SP Icon.png Jack
Shinonome Natsuhi Icon.png Natsuhi Shinonome
Shinonome Cocona Icon.png Cocona Shinonome
June 13th Tran 16 Icon.png Tran
Parabo Icon.png Parabo
June 14th Sherry Icon.png Sherry
MiyuIcon.png Miyu
June 15th Nickey icon.png Nickey
June 16th KivyIcon a.png Kivy
June 17th Nakaji Icon.png Nakaji
Nanashi Icon.png Nanashi
June 18th Johnny D Icon.png Johnny D
June 19th Koumori Otoko Icon.png Koumori Otoko
Ruri Icon.png Ruri
June 20th Puririn Icon.png Puririn
June 21st N.Naga Icon.png N. Naga
Shalah Icon.png Shalah
TaroIcon a.png Taro
June 24th PalIcon121P.png Pal
Fu-chan Icon.png Fu-chan
June 25th Bubbles Icon.png Bubbles
Lapis Icon.png Lapis
June 26th Getsufuma-Den Icon.png Getsufuma
Forgel Wanda Icon.png Forgel Wanda
June 27th Kirara Icon.png Kirara
Canopus Icon.png Canopus
Techno Stars 12 Icon.png Techno Stars
June 28th Eito LT Icon.png Eito
June 29th Meteor Icon.png Meteor
June 30th Dami-Yan Icon.png Dami-Yan
Nadi Icon.png Nadi
July 1st July Icon.png July
Gere Gere Icon.png Gere-Gere
Aka Dogyu Icon.png Aka Dokyou no Mikoto
Ao Dogyu Icon.png Ao Dokyou no Mikoto
Ai Icon.png Ai
July 2nd Johnny Jounishi Icon.png Johnny Jounishi
Silvia Icon.png Silvia
July 3rd Emi Icon.png Emi
Judy EDM Icon.png Judy
July 4th Dexstor Icon.png Dexstor
Nancy Icon.png Nancy
Funassyi Icon.png Funassyi
July 5th Walker Icon.png Walker
MichiruIcon.png Michiru
July 6th Machiko Icon.png Machiko
July 7th Sarasa Icon.png Sarasa
Nana Icon.png Nana
July 8th Perry-san Icon.png Perry-san
Yunta Icon.png Yunta
July 9th Ekatrina Icon.png Ekaterina
Popcon Icon.png Pop-Con
July 10th Knight Icon.png Knight
July 11th Mokkun Icon.png Mokkun
July 12th Hayato Icon.png Hayato
July 13th Sir Conga Icon.pngSir Conga
July 14th Usao-kun 12 Icon.png Usao-kun
July 15th Tamaki Icon.png Tamaki
Torte & Parfait Icon.png Torte & Parfait
Mayumi Icon.png Mayumi
July 16th Rainbowya Icon.png Rainbow-Ya
July 17th ToruKamikaze1Icon.png Toru Kamikaze
July 18th Brown Icon.png Brown
July 19th Sebas-chan Icon.png Sebas★chan
Titicaca Icon.png Titicaca
July 20th Aspara Seijin Icon.png Aspara-Seijin
Capt. Jolly Icon.png Capt. Jolly
Megumi Icon.png Megumi
July 21st Mr.T Bone Icon.png Mr. T. Bone
En-Moeyo Icon.png En Moeyo
Fever Robo Icon.png Fever Robo
July 22nd Arisa Icon.png Arisa
July 23rd Beartank Icon.png Beartank
Sora Hoshino Icon.png Sora Hoshino
Sigma Icon.png Sigma
Lithos Icon.png Lithos
July 24th Nohoho Icon.png Nohoho
July 25th Kou Ryuu Icon.png Kou Ryuu


July 28th Dengana & Mangana Icon.png Dengana & Mangana
July 29th Hotaru Icon.png Hotaru
July 30th Goemon Icon.png Goemon
Wild Icon.png Wild
Tsubaki Icon.png Tsubaki
Fuka A Icon.png Fuka A
July 31st Nazuna & Suzuna Icon.png Nazuna & Suzuna
August 1st Aya Icon.png Aya
TangTang Icon.png Tang Tang
Kirishima Tsukasa Icon.png Kirishima Tsukasa
Temari Icon.png Temari
Natsubou Icon.png Natsubou
Hara=Hetta Icon.png Hara=Hetta
Yang Yang Icon.png Yang-Yang
Really Icon.png Really
August 2nd DJ Raijin Icon.png DJ Raijin
Honey 10 Icon.png Honey
Misako-chan Icon.png Misako-chan
Suisei Laura Icon.png Suisei Laura
August 3rd Emilio Icon.png Emilio
Murasaki 11 Icon.png Murasaki
Tao Xiang Icon.png Taoxiang
Melissa Icon.png Melissa
August 4th Alya Icon.png Alya
August 5th Elleen Icon.png Eileen
Meu Meu Icon.png Meu Meu
Michael Icon.png Michael
August 6th Olivia 5 Icon.png Olivia
NovaIcon.png Nova
Nonet Icon.png Nonet♪
Parrot Icon.png Parrot
Rocket86 Icon.png Rocket86
August 7th Troppie Icon.png Troppie
Hanako Icon.png Hanako
Yanary Icon.png Yanary
Risette 16 Icon.png Risette
August 8th Kakeru-kun Icon.png Kakeru-kun
Guruppa Icon.png Guruppa
Shima Icon.png Shima~
Sumiko'73 Icon.png Sumiko
B-kun Icon.png B-kun
Pironski Icon.png Pirozhki
Whip Icon.png Whip
Kurota-chan Icon.png Kurota-chan
August 9th RarsIcon.png Rars
August 10th Antonio Icon.png Antonio
Patty 12 Icon.png Patty
Ryuta LT Icon.png Ryuta
Ibuki Izumi Icon.png Ibuki Izumi
August 11th VenusIcon a.png VENUS
Happpy Icon.png Happpy
August 12th Akkun Icon.png Akkun
Hikaru 18 Icon.png Hikaru Miura
August 13th Eririn Icon.png Eririn
August 14th Jyun-Shingo 19 Icon.png Shingo
August 15th Yagura Don
Kobozu Icon.png Kobozu
Mimi Trauma Punk Icon.png Mimi (Trauma Punk)
August 16th Elemens Icon.png Elemen's
Green Icon.png Green
Chip Icon.png Chip
Bit Icon.png Bit
August 17th Uchida Icon.png Uchi
Mata Hari Icon.png Mata Hari
August 18th Kikyo 18 Icon.png Kikyo
August 19th Chamel1Icon.png Chamel
Sergei Icon.png Sergei
August 20th Nyuu Myuu Icon.png ν·μ
August 21st May-Fa Icon.png May-Fa
August 22nd Schoolion Icon.png Schoolion
August 23rd Edge
Raibu Icon.png Raibu
August 24th GlutamineIcon.png Glutamine
Yon Icon.png Yon
August 25th Hanico Icon.png Hanico
August 26th Hone 12 Icon.png Hone
August 27th Albireo LT Icon.png Albireo
August 28th Takko Icon.png Taako
August 29th Tsukuba Icon.png Tsukuba
Bamboo8Icon a.png Bamboo
August 30th Ametori Icon.png Ametori
Super Mogu Icon.png Super Mogu
August 31st Yummy Icon.png Yummy
Aiko Icon.png Aiko
September 1st Steve Icon.png Steve
Shinobianko Icon.png Shinobianko
September 2nd JomandaIcon a.png Jomanda
Chinatsu 21 Icon.png Chinatsu
September 3rd Kraft Uncle Jam Icon.png Kraft?
Uncle Jam 13 icon.png Uncle Jam
Nox Icon.png Nox
Matin Icon.png Matin
September 4th Foxy Icon.png Foxy
September 5th Masamune Icon.png Masamune
Ling Ling Icon.png Ling Ling
September 6th Kanta Icon.png Kanta
Cocoo Iocn.png CoCoo
Genes Icon.png Genes
Bob the Spider Icon.png Bob the Spider
September 7th Beni Icon.png Beni
September 8th Souji Icon.png Souji
September 9th Scarecrows Icon.png Scarecrows
Baum icon.png Baum
Hugh Icon.png Hugh
Loof Icon.png Loof
September 10th Irys Icon.png Irys
Cup-kun SP Icon.png Cup■kun
Kid icon.png Kid
Ms. Mush Icon.png Ms. Mush
September 11th Dai Icon.png Dai
September 12th PrinceMSPIcon1P.png Prince M
September 13th Alt 19 Icon.png ALT
Kurumi Icon.png Kurumi
Hayata Icon.png Hayata
September 14th Satou-san Icon.png Satou-san
Jyun-Shingo 19 Chara-pop Icon.png Jyun
September 15th Henry 11 Icon.png Henry
Magojiro Icon.png Magojirou
September 16th Yuli LT Icon.png Yuli
September 17th Sapphire Icon.png Sapphire
Funawo Icon.png Fukagawa Funawo
September 18th TakutoIcon.png Takuto
NicolasIcon.png Nicolas
September 19th Zizz15Icon.png Zizz
Moi moi icon.png Moi Moi
September 20th Sora Icon.png Sora
Okon 2P.png Okon
September 21st Kraft1Icon.png Kraft
September 22nd Cookie Icon.png Cookie
Belle 17 Icon.png Belle
Yamagata Marika Icon.png Marika Yamagata
September 23rd Mint Icon.gif Mint
Yuki 13 Icon.png Yuki
September 24th Hoshio Icon.png Hoshio
September 25th Clara Icon.png Clara
September 26th Kamogawa Icon.png Kamogawa Kenkyuuin
Simon Icon.png Simon Belmondo
Ralph Icon.png Ralph Belmondo
Umaru-chan Icon.png Umaru-chan
September 28th Kumoha-san Icon.png Kumoha-san
Mr. Katucco Icon.png Mr. Katucco
MZD LT Icon.png MZD
September 29th The Mockey Icon.png The♪Mockey
September 30th Annie Icon.png Annie
Hikari Nijino Icon.png Hikari Nijino
Hannesman Icon.png Hanemann
October 1st Dooooom Icon.png Dooooom
Abraham Icon.png Abraham
Hanao Icon.png Hanao
Ninjin Icon.png Ninjin
WackyIcon a.png Wacky
October 2nd Diamente Icon.png Diamante
October 3rd Afro Icon.png Afro
October 4th Alice
Lucifelle Icon.png Lucifelle
Amulet icon.png Amulet
October 5th Tenko Icon.png Tenko
Lulu 18 Icon.png Lulu
October 6th SylvieIcon.png Sylvie
Pelo Icon.png Pelo
October 7th Kagami Icon.png Kagami
Donna 4 Icon.png Donna
Ruinous Room Icon.png Ruinous Room
October 8th Grand Hammer Icon.png Grand Hammer
October 9th Dick Icon.png Dick
Pretty BH Icon.png Pretty
October 10th Well-Done Icon.png Well-Done
Uowo Icon.png Uowo
Kapooon Icon.png Kapooon
Meme Icon.png MeMe
Maud Icon.png Maud
IO-Lower Icon.png iO
October 11th Akagi Takayuki Icon.png Akagi Takayuki
October 12th Grappa Icon.png Grappa
Jose Icon.png José
October 13th Oni-Be Icon.png Oni-Be
Teruo 21 Icon.png Teruo
October 14th Space Maco Icon.png Space@Maco
October 15th Zusin Icon.png Zusin
Tarte & Toffee Icon.png Tart & Toffee
Machuchu Icon.png Machuchu
October 16th Shiroro Icon.png Shiroro
October 17th Rosalie icon.png Rosalie
Tetsuo Icon.png Tetsuo
October 18th Fat boy icon.png Fat Boy
October 19th Warudoc icon.png Warudoc
October 20th Dr. Flask Icon.png Dr. Flask
October 21st Toby S Icon.png Toby-S
October 22nd Sweets Icon.png Sweets
October 23rd FugaLTIcon.png Fuga
Kunioshi Icon.png Kunioshi
October 24th Smoke 19 Icon.png Smoke
RetsuLTIcon.png Retsu
October 25th Little Raisin 2P Icon.png Little Raisin
October 26th Quito Icon.png Quito
Micchan 21 Icon.png Micchan
October 27th Kuranosuke Sutoku Icon.png Kuranosuke Sutoku
October 28th OJ Tsuyoshi 18 Icon.png OJ Tsuyoshi
MC. Tome Icon.png M.C. Tome
Pandeth Icon.png Pandeth
Black LT Icon.png Black
October 29th Okina Icon.png Okina
October 30th Wang Tang Icon.png Wang-Tang
November 1st AnneIcon a.png Anne
Rin-Daiki-Hurry Chara-pop Icon 1.png Hurry
Pochiko Icon.png Pochiko
November 2nd Tourmaline 8 Icon.png Tourmaline
Rave Girl 16 Icon.png Rave Girl
November 3rd Gorogon Icon.png Gorgon
Bronson Icon.png Bronson
Shishitugu icon.png Shishitugu
Shishiwaka Icon.png Shishiwaka
Shimotsuki Rin Icon.png Rin Shimotsuki
November 4th C-noid icon.png C-noid
Ice SP Icon.png Ice
Deborah Icon.png Deborah
DonMommy1Icon.png Don Mommy
Pastel-kun Icon.png Pastel-kun
November 5th Tatin Icon.png Tatin
Charly1Icon.png Charly
November 6th Marin Icon.png Marin
November 7th ShionIcon a.png Shion
Nico Icon.png Nico
Bianca Icon.png Bianca
November 8th Kili Icon.png Kili
Mr. Fukumimi Icon.png Mr. Fukumimi
November 9th Ivan Icon.png Ivan
Octave Icon.png Octave
Harpya Icon.png Harpya
November 10th Ash 13 Icon.png Ash
November 11th Otobear Icon.png Otobear
Ophelia icon.png Ophelia
Miho Icon.png Miho
Yusha Icon.png Yushaaaaa
November 12th Domii & Soraa Icon.png Domii & Soraa
Senshiiiii icon.png Senshiiiii
November 13th Mark Icon.png Mark
November 14th Akatsuki Icon.png Akatsuki
GotsuSotsuIcon.png Goku-Sotsu-Kun
November 15th Kagura Icon.png Kagura
November 16th Paku Icon.png Paku
November 17th Sigre icon.png Sigre
November 18th V.B
Ryusei Honey Icon.png Ryusei Honey
November 19th Norniricon.png Nornir
November 20th House Girl Icon.png House Girl
Reina Icon.png Reina
Reo 20 Icon.png Reo-kun
November 22nd Chanko Yamasaki Icon.png Chanko Yamazaki
Tete & Toto Icon.png Tete & Toto
November 23rd Hushman Icon.png Hushman
Fumihiko 12 Icon.png Fumihiko-san
November 25th Yard the 6th Icon.png Yard the 6th
November 26th Tino Icon.png Tino
Mr. Nice Guy Icon.png Nice Guy
November 27th Shark Icon.png Shark
Shollkee 20 Icon.png Shollkee
Fili Icon.png Fili
November 28th W.B. Rose Icon.gif W.B. Rose
Kabab Icon.png Kabab
Kobe Icon.png Kobe
Misaki Icon.png Misaki
November 29th Momoko-san 19 Icon.png Momoko★san
YouIcon a.png You
Ryan Icon.png Ryan
Roco Loco Icon.png Roco*Moco
November 30th Karen Icon.png Karen
December 1st Onnanoko Icon.png Onnanoko
Lord Meh Icon.png Lord Meh
December 2nd Eccnock Girl Icon.png Eccnock Girl
Kai Icon.png Kai & Zero
December 3rd IA Ramse Icon.png Ia=Ramse
Panchi Senpai Icon.png Punch Senpai
December 4th Tamako Icon.png Tamako
December 5th KKPeaceIcon.png Mr. KK
December 6th Dave Icon.png Dave
December 7th Uta Icon.png Uta
December 8th Pepper 6 Icon.png Pepper
December 9th Madam Ragora Icon.png Madam Ragora
December 10th Count Ten Icon.png Count. Ten
December 11th ZirkfiedIcon a.png Zirkfied
December 12th Ciel Icon.png Ciel
Roly Pony Icon.png Roly-Pony
December 13th Raiga Shuten Icon.png Raiga Shuten
December 14th Kagetora Icon.png Kagetora
Photon Icon.png Photon
Madoka Icon.png Madoka
December 16th Hamanov 11 Icon.png Hamanov
December 17th Light Icon.png Light
December 18th Diana Icon.png Diana
December 19th Edward 20 Icon.png Edward
Stella Icon.png Stella
Tiku-taku icon.png Tiku-Taku
December 20th Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
December 21st Sanae-chan 13 Icon.png Sanae♥chan
Roki LT Icon.png Roki
December 23rd Kevin Icon.png Kevin
December 24th Ookami-Boy Icon.png Ookami-Boy
Kirico Icon.png Kirico
Tsurara 19 Icon.png Tsurara
Trinity Icon.png Trinity
December 25th Muscle Masuda Icon.png Muscle Masuda
A. Michel Icon.png A. Michel
BisCo Icon.png BisCo
December 26th Edda Icon.png Edda
December 27th Jessica Icon.png Jessica
Shoko 21 Icon.png Shoko
December 28th Morry vs. Suit 12 Icon.png Suit
Yojirou Icon.png Youjirou
December 29th Charlotte Icon.png Charlotte
December 30th Schall Icon.png Schall
December 31st Empress icon.png Empress
Mr. Sobacco Icon.png Mr. Sobacco
ψ月σ日 Ageha
A day of the blue month of agate Poto
- Captain Super Pop
- Fanita
- Dragon
- Bomber
- Milly
- Margaret
- Nanako & Soramame
- Roma
- Secret D
- Gyorgy & Eva
- Akemi Koyama
- Furlong
- Lucy
- Bei Lei
- Li-Na
- Dingo & Ken
- Matilda
- Moony Moon
- Pilty
- Neko♥chan
- Spinky
- Saint★Seiji
- Decolla
- Lhasa
- Ai*chan
- Nattsun
- Animelo Red
- Up-Up
- Aoba Masayasu
- Airi
- Hitomi
- Suwa Punch
- Ryuo
- Nick
- Pippin
- Minmin
- Pou
- Guriko


  • Upon choosing a character on their birthday, the game will say "happy birthday!" instead of "okay!".
  • January 1st, August 1st, and August 8th all have the most birthdays of any date, with 8 each.
    • August also has the most birthdays of any month, 74 total.
  • May and December have the least amount of birthdays, with 43 each.



Pop'n Dream Birthday List (by Date)
Pop'n Dream Birthday List (by Name)
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