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Beni is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Nationwide dominance is something I can't just dream of...
I've stepped down into the world of war with legendary ladies to serve as the head of the "Imperial Fury". Underestimate me for being a woman and you'll get burned.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Beni is the leader of an all-female fighter tribe. She has long, crimson hair tied in a ponytail, eyeshadow and burgundy eyes. Beni dons a purple scarf, a white flowing coat that reads "princess with a thousand feats" and "heaven and earth and world," a bandaged chest, white pants and boots. She brandishes a wooden sword.

NET Self[edit | edit source]

Attack I won't forgive you! (許さんぜよ! Kiyosan ze yo!?)
Damage Fight fair! (本気で来な! Honki de kina!?)
GOOD Play Yes, ma'am! (押忍! Osu!?)
BAD Play I've lost heart (がっかりだよ Gakkari dayo?)
WIN That was fun! (楽しかったぜ Tanoshi katta ze?)
LOSE Did I...? (アタイが…? Atai ga...??)

Other Character Comments[edit | edit source]

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode[edit | edit source]

Phase 4

...Word on the wind is that
you have quite the skill.
Won't you have a match with me?
Though I requested confidently,
there's no reason to fight if we crossed fists...

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Beni's name means "crimson," going with the color of her hair.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Playing as Beni five times in a row in NET Taisen will unlock the title "Princess of a Thousand Feats! Wrath of an Emperor!"
  • Beni's birthdate is derived from a pun on kurenai, meaning red. The "ku" represents 9, and the "na" represents 7.

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