Belle is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 5. She have moved to Japan to study from French.


Belle is a kind and gentle character who lives in Paris, France.


Belle is wearing a red sweater with a pink-blue-yellow-orange patterned skirt. She accessorized herself with hot pink long socks with black shoes.

  • Song-une fille dans la plue
  • Artist-Fabbiene Haber


  • Neutral-Standing
  • Bad-Ignores
  • Good

French Bossa

Belle from Pop'n Music 9.
Belle wears a white dress with sky blue polka dots. She used sandals and a white umbrella, plus, wearing red flowers on her scalp. Belle have her black cat with a red bow.
  • Artist-SAKURAI yasushi feat. SAORI

French Cine Jazz

Belle 17.gif
Belle from Pop'n Music 17 the Movie.
Belle was wearing a black sweater with an orange-yellow-purple cleaved skirt. Also, she wore black shoes with purple stockings.
  • Song- Le depart a L'Alpe d'Huez
  • Artist-ELEKTEL feat. Mayu-chan


ee'mall-French Bossa-LA BRISE D'ETE


  • Belle is one of the bossa or gentle characters. The others are Sanae-chan, Waka, and Candy.
  • Belle's 2P modes of hair dying are changed to black (French Pop), hot pink (French Bossa), and red (French Cine Jazz).
  • The same thing as Waka, Belle is being much friendly to Sanae-chan and Rie-chan.
  • Belle is one of the characters who lived in Europe. The others, are the unknown tribute from the Magical 4,Dave, Henry, Cecil, Hamanov, and Roki.
  • Belle is one of the yellow-haired character. The others are Sora Hoshino, Ice, Rie-chan (2P), Shollkee, and Kikyo (2P)
  • Belle is one of the French characters. The others are Rie-chan, Tart and Toffee.
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