ベル Beru
Birthplace Paris, France
Birthdate September 22nd
Gender Female
Race Human, European
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Reading, traveling
Relative(s) Rie-chan and Sanae-chan (friends)
Likes Caramel, Taking a sip of coffee
Dislikes The medical cost of her cat
First Appearance Pop'n Music 5
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 9, Ee'mallPop'n Music 11, Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE
Theme(s) French Pop, French Bossa, French Cine Jazz

Belle is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 5.


Belle is a kind and gentle character who lives in Paris, France. She meets Sanae-chan and Rie-chan as friends when she came to Japan.


French Pop

Belle appears as a bright-skinned girl with green eyes and short and firm hair that reaches to her shoulders. Her hair color resembles to be blonde. Belle's outfit includes a turtleneck sleeved sweater with a bright-toned red color. She wears a thigh-length skirt with a checkered pattern that consists of the colors orange, blue, yellow, and pink. Belle have hot pink knee-length panty-holes and black shoes. What Belle is holding is a black cat, as her pet.

Her 2P color palette explains that Belle's eyes merged into blue while her hair color is fully black, until it matches her socks. Her sweater contains a deeply blue color that was shaded, which matches her shoes. Belle's skirt consists of a gray scale pattern, and the cat have a light grey color on its fur.

French Bossa

On Belle's straight bangs, there are small red flowers. Belle wears a white dress with various of wide polka dots with a cerulean color on the bottom. On her feet are sandals and she retrieves a white umbrella. Belle's cat has a red bow around its neck.

Her 2P color palette is seen in Bossa Lounge, from ee'MALL, in Pop'n Music 11.

French Ciné Jazz


  • Belle's birthdate is identical to Cookie's.





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