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Beartank is a character from Pop'n Music GB, and primarily one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10. He is originally a crossover character from a Konami fighting game, Rakugakids.


Are they creatures? Robots? No, they're Rakuga Kids! Master Clione created him from the drawn picture, modeling her favorite stuffed bear.


Beartanks mainly takes a figure of a green bear doodle with two blue tanks on his head and back.

His 2P color palette gives Beartank light honeydew fur and berry pink tanks.

NET Self[]

Attack ...☆
Damage !!
GOOD Play ♪♪♪
BAD Play ?
WIN ☆☆☆
LOSE ...?


  • Beartank is one of the playable characters of Rakugakids, from where Beartank's pop'n music animations are taken.
    • Beartank is the only crossover character to be in Pop'n Music GB. Also, he is the only new character that isn't recycled from an already existent one (like Kid was a recolored version of Boy).
  • In Pop'n Music GB, Beartank's name is differently spelt as BEAR TANK.
  • Beartank is mostly one of the few characters to not have any dialogue.
  • Beartank's birthdate is identical to Lithos', Sigma's, and Sora Hoshino's.
  • Curiously, one of Beartank's backgrounds show a "poster" of the Rakugakids cast, including one of the scrapped characters who would have appeared in a teased Rakugakuds sequel.