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BabeL ~Next Story~ needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Scale Out
BabeL ~Next Story~
Power Of Nature
Romanized Title -
English Translation -
Genre in Japanese スケールアウト
Artist Name Romanized -
Vocal -
Lyrics -
Other Instruments Power Of Nature (Composition & Arrangement)
BPM 100-173
Status Town Mode Unlock
Length 2:08
Character the TOWER
First Appearance pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET
Other Appearance(s) pop'n rhythmin ポップンチュンストパック1

SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-



Song Connections / Remixes

  • BabeL ~Next Story~ is part of the BabeL song trilogy.
  • All three BabeL songs are combined together into BabeL ~Stairway to Heaven~, a 10:22 extension of the song by BPO featured on the pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET original soundtrack.


  • BabeL ~Next Story~ has the hardest NORMAL chart of the new pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET songs, rated a 30. It's tied with 夜間行 as the highest leveled NORMAL 9-button chart in pop'n music.
    • It also was the only new song from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET that had its EX chart rated 43. However, in pop'n music Sunny ParkRemain's EX chart was re-rated to a 49, the same difficulty as BabeL ~Next Story~'s EX chart in Sunny Park.
  • BabeL ~Next Story~ marks the first time when a Daichi Watanabe song is credited to his Power Of Nature alias.
  • When pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET was released, the data for the BabeL songs was incomplete, and a placeholder "character" (which looks like a yellow haniwa) was shown in BabeL ~Next Story~'s portrait.
    • BabeL ~Next Story~ can be unlocked in Town Mode for 200 TP after unlocking BabeL ~Grand Story~ and entering the second stage of the tower.
    • BabeL ~Next Story~ was added to SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- on August 7th, 2013 as part of the POLICY BREAK event. It could be unlocked until August 21st, 2013.
      • It could be unlocked again from October 10th, 2013 to October 17th, 2013.
      • It could be unlocked yet again from April 25th, 2014 to May 2nd, 2014.
      • It could be unlocked yet again from July 23rd, 2014 to July 30th, 2014.
      • It could be unlocked yet again from February 27th, 2015 to March 13th, 2015 on SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS.
      • It could be unlocked yet again from July 23rd, 2015 to August 6th, 2015 on SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS.
    • If one looks at BabeL ~Next Story~'s jacket more closely, Nyami and Mimi can be seen climbing up the TOWER.

Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 540 754 1378 1756 517 1089
TUNE STREET 24 30 39 43 23 28
Pop'n Music 20 fantasia 24 30 ↑40 43 23 28
Sunny Park→Present - 36 46 49 23 28

pop'n rhythmin

Game Difficulties
Notecounts 211 372 686
pop'n rhythmin 4 7 10




SCALE OUT 「BabeL ~Next Story~」

SCALE OUT 「BabeL ~Next Story~」

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