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Ark is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.


He traveled to seek the spring miracle, appearing only one time in a thousand years. -The Fairy Kingdom, the story of the prince of the blue pupil.-


Progressive Reel[]

Ark's is an elf, noticeably by his pointy ears. He has turquoise eyes and short platinum hair. His apparel is a fantasy Medieval European-era outfit consisting of a gray-to-silver shirt, black-to-gray pants, brown thigh-length boots and matching gloves. His accessories are a dark turquoise cape with a yellow pendant; a matching hat; and a white bow that, when shot, summons yellow light arrows. This palette was later used again in Element of SPADA from Pop'n Music Lapistoria and in Arcanum Arcanorum from Pop'n Music Kaimei Riddles.

Ark's 3P color palette give him pale skin, fuchsia eyes, and a dark variant of normal and dark purple for his torso features and crown, and black for the entire appearance. This palette is used for Caradbolg from Pop'n Music éclale.


In the Pop'n Music éclale Vol.1 card collection, Ark dons an outfit that is not seen elsewhere. This attire has more additions and is comprised of white, honeydew, aquamarine, and mint blue colors. He has a gold ornament with an aquamarine gem on the center, located on his left side of his head, wrapped in a thin crown of aquamarine and gold gems. Ark has a platinum should pad with three layers on his right side, gray and black arm layers, white gloves with yellow accents and matching boots, gray leggings, and a cape with mint blue color and light yellow accents.