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Arisa is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Let's love life in Wonderland! Where are you?
My prince with a 100 billion annual income...Come out quickly, hey!

Arisa is a snobbish, selfish, and rather cold-hearted girl, looking for an affair with a wealthy prince who originates from Wonderland. One day, Arisa finds a rare ticket that can lead her straight to a fancy meeting, and the prince of her dreams is stuck on her head. Because of her strictness, Arisa is extremely bitter towards different caricatures and boys that are not perfect all the time.


Arisa appears as a ginger-haired girl with bronze-colored eyes. Her hair is styled into elbow-length pigtails with curled ends, and is accessorized by a bright blue and white bow with a crown ornament on the top. Arisa dons a white and light blue sleeveless dress with short white gloves and frills around the neckline and bottom. She has a wide and large layer on her dress that consists of two large pink ribbons and a veil. Lastly, she wears thigh-high socks and baby blue flats. This appearance of hers makes another appearance in ブーケトス戦争 and Little Little Princess from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume.

Arisa's 2P palette shifts her hair to purple and her eyes to deep blue, and the majority of her attire is now black and red. Her hair bow is black and red with a silver crown, and the top half of her dress is white and gray, while the lower part is gray and black. Her gloves are red and she gains black sleeves. Her stocking are black with white flats, and the veil part of her dress is dark blue and white.

NET Self[]

Attack Heeeey! (オラァァァ! Oraaaa!?)
Damage Gwah! (ぐはァ! Guhaa!?)
GOOD Play Come out! (出てこい! Detekoi!?)
BAD Play That's not right! (ちっが~う! Chigaaau!?)
WIN Prince! (王子さまっ! Oujo-sama!?)
LOSE Dammit... (くっそ… Kusso...?)