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Birthplace Raised in Azabu, Tokyo (born in Paris, France)
Birthdate November 1st
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hobby Fencing. My skill is Olympic-grade
Relative(s) Nbiri, San, Quattro (friends)
Likes Rose scented macaroons
Dislikes Being against chivalry
First Appearance pop'n music 16 PARTY♪ (as part of the Magical 4)
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) World Tour 2 (formerly)

European Breakcore

Designer(s) shio

Anne is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park and the first member of the Magical 4.


Delivering music and smiles to everyone around the world. It's our mission!
As long as there's people waiting, our journey will continue on and on.

Anne is the leader of the Magical 4. She's a chivalrous, Olympic-grade fencer.


Anne is a young woman with blonde hair kept in two pigtails and blue eyes. She wears an ornate dress, with a white corset and gloves, a white and blue striped skirt, white tights and bloomers, and red high heels. On her head is a large, wide brimmed white hat with red lining and a white feather, and a tri-colored ribbon is tied around her neck. She wields a blue, red, and white striped rapier with a gold hilt.

In Anne's 2P, her hair is light ginger and her eyes a lighter blue. Her outfit gains pastel tones, with her corset and hat feather being pale blue and her dress stripes, hat lining, shoes, and bow becoming light pink. Her rapier hilt is silver, with the stripes a becoming light pink.

Anne's special 3P palette gives her silver hair and teal eyes, while drastically changing the colors of her outfit. Her corset, hat, and dress are mostly black, with her tights and bloomers becoming gray. Her hat feather, dress stripes, and half of her bow are golden orange, and her hat lining, shoes, gloves, and the other half of her bow are red. Her rapier shares similar colors as the rest of her outfit.


Anne debuts with the Magical 4 in Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪, wearing a blue hat with a white feather, and a white and blue dress with a white collar, sleeves, bloomers, and tights. Her corset is colored blue and red, and her heels are red.

NET Self

Attack Allez!
Damage Aie!
GOOD Play Very good (トレビアン Tres bien?)
BAD Play No! (ノン! Non!?)
WIN Merci♥
LOSE Salut...


Anne sounds similar to "un", the French word for one, representing her status as the leader of the Magical 4.


  • Anne's birthdate represents her being the first member of the Magical 4.
  • Anne's Miracle 4 counterpart is Uno.
  • Anne is one of the several characters who have number etymologies for their names.
  • Early character concepts from Anne include:
    • A woman with blonde pigtails who wears a bodysuit with the thematic of a pear. The bodis section of the suit sprouts roots on each breast; henceforth, this design seems too inappropriate and explicit. In additional words, her appearance doesn't seem to give out information that she represents France.
      • Interestingly, the pear girl (who is supposed to represent France) and the other three scrapped characters have pigtails.




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