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Amulet (character) needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Amulet is one of the characters from Pop'n Music éclale.


Will you help me... make... the world??
Ugh~ I don't know. By the way, let's play together☆

Amulet is Poet's little brother, who's always wanting to be part of big adventures since he's curiously crazy in every way, but makes the most of his days with bright, optimistic impact from everyone around him by feeling happy.

Character Information

Hello, everyone! I am happy to assist Amulet's character design, action plan and game data conversion!

While listening to romantic keywords such as forest theory, the ancient scientific fantasy and demonstrations of bright, spectacular songs, I got the idea of ​​the character. It was a lot of fun. Old-fashioned from the grandpa, the beasts who got inspiration from materials such as the cosmic statues imagined by old people, angel characters.

The sound was chosen from among them is an angel of a copper-colored feather, This was further brushed up by staff members, I became the current Amulet.

And in Amulet's animation, "that familiar character" comes out to everyone who is playing Pop'n!

Have you seen it already? It is very pleasant, so if you choose amulet and you can see the new scenes of the characters, I am very happy! I wish you all a pleasure ...!



Amulet is a winged child with violet eyes and curly, ear-length cow-licked platinum blond hair tied up by a sun-shaped amulet, sitting below a halo. He wears a white bib-esque garniture, a platinum-colored bandeau, gold bracelets on each hand, a matching wrist brace, a diaper and white boots with matching socks.

Amulet's 2P has hot pink hair, sky blue eyes and wears gray with silver highlights.

NET Self

Attack Let's go♥ (いくよ♥ Ikuyo♥?)
Damage It hurts! (いたいのヤ! Itainoya!?)
GOOD Play I'll make it♥ (つくるよ♥ Tsukuru yo ♥?)
BAD Play To ... (へにょ… Heni yo…?)
WIN I love you~♥ (だいすき~♥ Daisuki~♥?)
LOSE So lonely (さびしいよう Sabishī yō?)


  • Poet makes cameo appearances in Amulet's Win and Lose animations. She also has a song in Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! titled Amulet, this is more than likely a coincidence though.
  • Amulet's toys refer to the World Turtle, also known as a symbol of the Flat Earth Myth.
  • Amulet shares the same birthdate with Alice and Lucifelle.





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