アリス Arisu
Alice full mugshot
Birthplace England
Birthdate October 4th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Scarlet
Hobby Making candy, Calling my friends for a Tea Party
Relative(s) Carolyn (friend)
Likes Sweet black tea
Dislikes Ghosts
First Appearance pop'n music 9 CS
Theme(s) Girls Band 2
Designer(s) Unknown

Alice is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 9.


An energetic girl who always attends in Private Pop'n Academy.
But today she likes to oversleep a little.
"I'm delayed in my homeroom without hurry!"

A Private Pop'n Academy school student. She has a friend named Carolyn, who only appears in her FEVER! animation.


Girls Band

Alice's appearance is an English female student with regular green eyes and red hair, that styled in short, wavy splits. Alice dons a uniform that consists of a white shirt, a red tie and plaid miniskirt, and plaid legwarmers. Underneath her legwarmers are her brown leather shoes.


Alice only makes a cameo in the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Steampunk ver. Card, wearing a steampunk-thudded outfit, consisting of a white shirt with a red bow, a skirt with two brown shades that have a white ruffle on the back, and black boots.




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