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Akiba needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Akiba is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!. He is Tsukuba's 2P version.



A nice young man that works at the City Hall of the Future City of Advanced Science. After five, he goes to a space disco and dances with many young ladies in a high-spirited fever.

Character Information[]


Akiba is identical to Tsukuba, but with a slightly different skin tone, red hair, and a yellow antenna. His glasses frame and electrical suit is chartreuse with a dark blue neck tie, bleu shoulder pads, and a violet synthesizer keyboard. The rest of his clothing retain Tsukuba's original colors.

NET Self[]

Attack Electric dance! (電気ダンス! Denki dansu!?)
Damage (rippling shock) (めめたっ Memetaa?)
GOOD Play Good communication ☆ (通信良好☆ Tsūshin ryōkō ☆?)
BAD Play Line congestion × (回線混雑× Kaisen konzatsu ×?)
WIN Did I win? (やったもん勝 Yatta mon-shō?)
LOSE Captaaain... (大佐ぁ・・・ Taisaa...?)


Akiba's name is derived from the Akihabara Station in Japan, as opposed to Tsukuba Express. Like his parallel, Akiba's appearance is based on Nobumichi Tosa from the Maywa Denki.


  • Tsukuba, along with his 2P version Akiba, shares their birthdates with Bamboo.
  • 2P Kumoha-san appears in Akiba's Win animation, but as a regular train he is riding on.