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Akemi Koyama is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 7.


ハツカネズミなんだけど、そのガンバリが認められ OLになった明美さん。 最近ひそかに、ポップンミュージックというゲームに ハマって会社帰りに毎日やってるらしいよ。
Akemi-san is a mouse, but recently, she's been accepted as an office lady for her hard work. Recently and secretly, it seems that she has been addicted to playing Pop'n Music everyday, and she does so every day after work.

Akemi is a talking Japanese mouse who works as a secretary at a legal office. She writes romantic thriller books and plays Pop'n Music in her spare time.



Akemi appears to be a bisque-colored mouse with buck teeth, short, blonde hair and a fuchsia tail. She sports a simple shirt with a light blue, overalls dress. She wields a pen with fuchsia flower patterns and a light pink bird on the clicker.

Miracle 2[]

Akemi gains a new attire, which includes a light honeydew, long-sleeved blouse, and a white knee-length skirt with light pink flower prints. She is located in front of a tea cup with the same manner as her skirt, while she is sitting on a chair.


Akemi's appearance is dramatically different, unlike her first two appearances. Her hair is tinted in chocolate brown, and she wears a light-pink dentist's outfit. She carries around a mouth mirror with a sickle probe on the bottom. The 2P palette retains her original color scheme, and she also gains a blue and white dentist's outfit.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music 8:
Akemi-san is a mouse, but recently, she's been accepted as an office lady for her hard work.
But, she's been on holiday recently! She's been taking leisure at her favorite open cafe...

Pop'n Music 12 Iroha:
She changed her career to an aspiring dental hygienist!
"These days, I've been worried about the children's weak front teeth! *squeak*"


  • Akemi's portrait from Pop'n Music 8 only shows her mouth tucked closed, while it still hangs open in every animation in each appearance she makes.
  • Koyama Akemi is the second character to change her color appearance, since Ageha done hers; she was before V.B.
  • She also appears in Pop'n Music 10 CS as a character for Study Mode, a feature present in almost all CS games.
  • Akemi appears in Ratte's Fever win in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.