This article is about the Otocadoll character. If you are looking for the CS Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! character, see Ai-chan.

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あい Ai
Ai 23
She appears from Otocadoll

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Birthplace Dream World
Birthdate July 1st (???)
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Baby Blue
Hair Color Light pink with blonde ombre
Hobby Cooking
Relative(s) Sunny, Seina, Coco, Lyrica, and Rose (friends)
Likes Cute things and fashion
Dislikes Thunderstorms
First Appearance pop'n music éclale
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
Theme(s) オトカドール ~このゆびとまれ!~


Designer(s) 村井聖夜

Ai is originally a crossover character from a Konami game, Otocadoll, making her appearance in Pop'n Music éclale.


A girl who is always, brightly full of energy.
She loves cute things, and even cooks!

Ai is always full of energy, loves cooking and likes cute things. She even runs her own brand called the Heart Parade.


Ai possesses long, light pink hair with a blonde gradient that reaches to her elbow length, and baby blue eyes. She is mainly known for wearing a pink dress that contains white and magenta pink sections, including white puffy sleeves with a hot pink lining on them. Ai wears a pair of magenta pink earrings that resemble satin bows around her dress, a front bow on the chest, a hair bow and some shoes at the back with straps, worn in white tights. She also wields a heart-shaped wand with a ribbon attached to the top, along with a gem in the shape of a heart, that carries the identical manners as her dress.


Ai's name is the Japanese word for "Love".

NET Self

Attack Time to decide (きめちゃうよ Kime chau yo?)
Damage No good~ (ダメかも~ Dame kamo~?)
GOOD Play How exciting~♪ (ノリノリ~♪ Nori nori~♪?)
BAD Play Seriously? (マジっすか~ Majissuka~?)
WIN I did it~! (やったね~! Yatta ne~!?)
LOSE (Sobs) (ふぇぇぇ… Fuē...?)





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