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This article focuses on the short Pop'n Music information about Afro. See his full information here. If you are looking for the DanceManiax song, see AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL.

Afro is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10. He originally originates from another BEMANI series, Dance Dance Revolution.


This is officially from the DDR Wiki:
Disco is described as a funky, happy, and smooth fellow. Often though, his peers would describe him as weird and unpredictable, especially with Jenny commenting on how he told her to "dance with as many people as she can".

From DDR X and on, Disco is portrayed as a big entrepreneur who owns a number or businesses and the true dance king of the whole series. He also acts as the director of Jenny's big film and it would not be a surprise if he acted as manager of her or even Alice.


Afro is mainly noticed to be African-American, such as a dark skin tone, black eyes, a beard, and a black afro (for his namesake). Afro's main garments are a white, buttoned vest that shows his chest hair, wristbands that match the colors of his vest, and a black belt.He also sports pale gold pants and brown shoes. Afro's Lose animation only shows him with a green jogging suit. His original color palette is shown again, only in Hime Trance, from the CS version of Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.

His 2P color palette only alter his clothing colors, such as a purple vest, a yellow belt, and white pants. Afro's 2P palette is temporarily confirmed in Tribal, from the ee'MALL section of Pop'n Music 9 and FEVER!.

In CARNIVAL, instead of 10th mimi and nyami, they show their 13th appearance.

NET Self[]

Attack AFRO!
Damage OH!!
LOSE THAT´S NOT WHAT I MEANT! (そういう意味じゃない!Sōiu imi janai!)

Since the amount of characters was increased to 6 in ラピストリア, AFRO's Net Self was changed. LOSE became "NOOO!".


  • Afro shares his birthdate with Morry.
  • Afro is one of the DDR crossover characters in the Pop'n Music series. He was after Oshare-Zukin, from pop'n 8 and before Emi from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.
    • Another DanceDanceRevolution character, Lady, appears on AFRO's FEVER WIN animation.
      • In AFRO's 2P colors, she's replaced by NAOKI.
      • If you use CHARA-POP with this character, DDR arrows can be seen.




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