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Ace, known by his full name as Ace Yatsurugi, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music éclale, and the second MesiA member to make his main appearance.


I was a shining Magic in your fallen eyes, That is the second time I cannot return to the labyrinth...
MesiA's expected new song is the main vocal for a cool guy!


DEVIL's Magic

Ace is given light blue, short hair, normal complexion, and blue eyes. He has a white mask with a yellow gradient that is spotted on the left of his hair. His costume is a gray-plaid long-sleeved shirt with light yellow torso pieces, white gloves, and a grey fur accent on the top of his shirt. Ace has the bottom features of white pants and gray boots with a light tint for his soles. He has velvet-red accents on the top of his boots and gloves.

Ace's 2P recoloring gives out a lighter scheme, like his light pale aquamarine hair, baby blue eyes, a white costume with chartreuse accents, platinum-colored boots, and light pale blue sleeve highlights.



  • Other MesiA members, like Michiru, appear on Ace's FEVER!, Lose, and Win animations.
    • Paku makes cameos on his FEVER! and Win animations also.
    • Erishi makes another appearance on Ace's Miss animation.
  • His emoticons are ЦO`vO) and ЦO`v<) on the Pop'n Music official Twitter site.





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