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The second Tsugidoka member song in Lapistoria has tied into installation that thought about the variety.
There is the story's flow, but the four different faces always have been designed like they are a glimpse.
Some kind of Retsu became an installation that expressed in the game's melody and the gender, and the keyword "Runaway".
The time signature change does not change its BPM, because it is only changing the way of taking the beat. Somebody cries and says it!
I'm glad if you could enjoy such trap as a story.

It's a sequel, yet it's about the song title.
The best start is I thought about "Abare homura" as all katakana, but it became an instant form, finally mixed with kanji, because it got the valuable option that says "Like we looked for a foreign village in a VIOLENT FLAME!" from the designer, making a tune card.
By that, because we embrace the sense of intimacy of the "violent flame", please contact us for your existence.

Difficulty & Notecounts[edit | edit source]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 183 517 879 1249 ? ?
Lapistoria→Present 11 31 42 47 ? ?

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Power Of Nature HD 「暴レ焔」

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