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アミリア A Miria
A Milia IconA Milia 2P Icon
Birthplace Turii Island
Birthdate April 6 (Actual birthday is unknown)
Gender Genderless at first, later portrayed as Female
Race Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Hobby Singing
Relative(s) N/A
Likes Friends
Dislikes Chaos
First Appearance Pop'n Music 20 fantasia
Theme(s) Elemental Jig
Designer(s) MAYA

A'Milia ia a character of Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia. She is the eldest of the star children, and is the true protagonist of The Epic Of Zektbach, a BENAMI project.


A girl protected by the people of Milia and shrouded in mystery.

Character Information

Hello! MAYA here.

A'Milia has awfully appeared here.

And Sasha too.

Sasha's design was drawn behind at "Apocalypse ~ memento mori ~" by shio first, so this clear visualization became an unexpected collaboration! It is a beautiful woman in shape while talking about various things such as "Taiyubi please give over to A Milia"! Although it is hard to understand, if A Milia's triangular eyebrows are gone, chances are that she will not even be the same person as the former girlfriend who is really the same ...! Sorry to keep my eyebrows safe, shio .... But it was fun!

And the dummy boy of A Milia has to step over the steps! That was my greatest purpose.

By the way, the red forehead decoration of A · Milia is her hair ornament. It is the big awesome amulet of A'Milia.



A'milia has long white hair that reaches her feet. She wears a white-green dress, and white boots. She wears a headband with a red album, and has green eyes.


  • In Zektbach, A'milia is actually Malchut who has transformed after she was defeated by L'erisia.
  • A'milia, along with Gijiri and Sigma, are the only Zektbach characters who have color panels, also the only Zektbach characters who don't have full names.
  • In The Epic Of Zektbach at the 3rd part of Chapter 5, Malchut(Before A'milia)was portrayed being genderless, talkless, and emotionless at first, like the other star children, but after Kukaru rescued her, she, along with the star children, were portrayed being women.




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