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@you lacks translation for the lyrics, or the lyrics were not yet delivered, since it was released.



@you までしたなんて 笑って手を叩く
そんな風潮で Burnin & Warning Yeah!!
次はお前だ … なんてうそぶき 今宵も始まりますよッ!
Crazy 踊れ騒げ Party (Get On!!)

@you まにフォーリンラブ 運命感じて
結婚しよーねって Lovely & (Hard) Candy Yeah!!
いつになれば君と会えるの ... って 会えるわけがないでしょッ!
Illusion 拍手喝采 Liar (Get Down!!)

ナンだカンだ言ったって 電子の世界で
生きてるわけじゃないじゃん?! そうじゃん?! Net?!
裸の君を愛してたいんだ さぁ 一緒に行こう

Baby 手と手つないで お茶目なCircus

ギュっと抱きしめちゃって おシャレな Show Time
動き始めた Roller Coaster
僕が守るよだから笑って 明日も 二人で Cheers!!

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Song Production Information[1]


I was very afraid to sing Ash's songs.
Note While I am selecting recruitment framework for open recruitment, it is said that wac says "PON, aren't you able to sing Ash's songs or something?", "Ah! I can do it, of course, baby!! Hooo!" I answered and I realized it.

The next day I was told that "PON, isn't it likely to sing while drumming with a Heso outfit costume?" And answered "Ahhhh! Don't tune in to be CRAZY!! Yeah!"
The office was silent for a moment.

Being afraid is horrible, so be careful, don't absolutely drink in your stomach.

As a singing point, Ash's songs are sent with "I'm sorry" because, I feel "male sexy" in every song. Perhaps because it's difficult to hear at the game center, someday I'll whisper with my ear at the soundtrack.

Tatsuya "good-cool" Furukawa

I haven't had much trouble, Ash.
It is an honor to be able to serve you too.

You came to the castle at the night of thunder.
It looks like I heard other footsteps too....
Well then, I am in a good mood.

Oh, your friends are doing fine.

Staff Comments


Ash came!
Deuil finally got together. It's a pity that there are no places to arrange three characters.
This only adds three player mode ...!


It sounds like an Ash-like song.
When I was a high school student I had a golden necklace in the neck in the shape of a lightning bolt It was a good memory.


Listening to this song makes me feel strange somehow.
Even though there's nothing beyond that, it's a lively, bright song,
Why do you feel the margin of a fancy adult...
It seems to fall into a spirit of freshness holding a wild fang and sexiness... I'm troubled...! I will not stop, my heart will not stop if I can narrow the distance...!
(Maybe... are you feeling this feeling of Ash's abs?)

Difficulty & Notecounts[2]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 166 371 725 1106 372 -
Usaneko→Present 8 27 38 45 21 -


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