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You can dancing and grooving all night long
Let's get everybody dance now
Can you feel, I just wanna meet you
The beat's on a roll, the DJ moves me


  • Several other remixes of 20, november have appeared on beatmania and DanceDanceRevolution.


  • November 20th is Reo Nagumo's birthday.
  • 20, november was misspelt as 20,novemver in the first beatmania.
  • In the beatmania IIDX series, 20, november's title was capitalized as 20, November.
  • 20, november's character in pop'n music, HOUSE girl, is the sprite of Judy from pop'n music, but re-colored black with a blue outline. A similar process was used for Mary in the first game to turn her into Rave girl.
  • 20, november has never appeared on a CS pop'n music release.




HOUSE 「20,november」

HOUSE 「20,november」

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