Dynamite Soul
Romanized Title 1 cool no otoko
English Translation 1 Cool Man
Genre in Japanese ダイナマイトソウル
Artist Name Romanized MAKI
Vocal MAKI
Lyrics MAKI
Other Instruments Composition/Arrangement: Hiroshi Takeyasu
BPM 137
Status -
Length 2:00
Character SUMIKO'73
First Appearance Pop'n Music 12 Iroha
Other Appearance(s) -



あつい夏 訪れて
1クールの男 ひとり
こんなにも好きで 頭が変になりそうよ
ずっとでも からませていたい

会いたいと 電話した
1クールの あついふたり

何もかも 乱される
ふりしきる雨の中で ぬれたくちびるが



Atsui natsu otozurete
One kūru no otoko hitori
Kon'nanimo sukide atama ga hen ni nari-sō yo
Zuttode mo karama sete itai

Aitai to denwa shita
One kūru no atsui futari

Nanimokamo midasa reru
Furishikiru ame no naka de nureta kuchibiru ga
Aitsu no namae o yobu no

Subete o yurushite
Kōkai nanka shi tenai wa
Hito natsu no hakanai koi yo


On a hot summer, I visited
one cool man alone
I liked it so much. It's making me go crazy
I want to be caught in it for a long time

I called you to say I wanted to see you
One cool hot couple

Everything is disturbed
My lips became wet from the rain
I called out his name

Forgive everything
I didn't regret it
A long summer's ephemeral love

French (Long Version)

L'été chaud vient, c'est just comme toujour
Un garçon, il vient, tout à coup, comme un coup
Arretez-moi! Je peux être. enfin peut-être, folle pour un mec
Folle pour toi. Qui peut separer les deux?

Je peux pas partir de ton corps, de ton cœur
Les amoureux chauds, nous, très cool. Mais pas longs
L'aventure, c'est juste un jeu
Ne pas regretter, mon pauvre amour
L'amour finit toujour à l'instant

Tout est bien comme fou, tu a changé tous
Sous la pluie je suis perdue. Tu connais pourquoi, comme ça?
Mon amour est laissé seul, après un jour

Imagination. T'as cassé la mienne
Le plus mauvais garçon. C'etait toi. C'etait toi.
Ta poupée, c'est moi, a toi. Mon corps chaud peut pas vivre sans toi
Le feu d'amour, nous somme dedans, tu pense?

La plage d'été, avec un moto
Les amours chauds, nous, tres cool. Mais pas longs
Je peux te demander rien de tous
La passion, le memoir, la jeunesse. C'est quoi? Montrez-moi
Qui peux me dire ou tu vu apres mon corps?

Les jours d'été étaient une rêve
Le garçon est just pour l'aventure courte
L'amour finit toujour à l'instant

English (Long Version)

The hot summer came, it was just as always
Suddenly, a boy came along, just like a bolt
Stop me! Finally, maybe I can be crazy for a guy.
I'm mad for you. Who can separate us two?

I can't leave your body, your heart
The hot lovers, us two, were very cool. But not for long.
This adventure was just a game
Do not regret it, my poor love
Love always ends in an instant

All is well as crazy, you changed it all.
Sous la pluie je suis perdue. Tu connais pourquoi, comme ça?
In the rain, I am lost. Do you know why it's like this?

Imagination. You've broken mine.
The worst boy, it was you, it was you.
I was your doll, yours. My hot body can't live without you
Do you think we could be in the fires of love?

On the summer beach, with a motorcycle,
With this hot love, we two were very cool. But not for long.
I can ask you for nothing at all
Passion, memoirs, youth. What is this? Show me
Who can tell me where you saw after my body?

Those summer days were a dream
That boy was just for a short adventure
Love always ends in an instant

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A long version of 1クールの男 with French vocals by erikomri, titled 1クールの男 ~Le garcon d'ete~, appears on the V-RARE SOUNDTRACK vol.13: pop'n music 12 いろは.


  • 1クールの男 is Hiroshi Takeyasu's last composition in BEMANI.
    • However, Hiroshi Takeyasu's last appearance would be later in pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE, with Prince on a Star, a re-arrangement of beatmania IIDX's Prince on a star.

Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards.

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 236 365 610 862 310 462
Iroha→fantasia 15 18 24 33 10 18
Sunny Park→Present 25 30 39 10 18
Iroha CS 15 18 24 33 10 18




ダイナマイトソウル 「1クールの男 ~Le garçon d'été~」

ダイナマイトソウル 「1クールの男 ~Le garçon d'été~」

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